Fada Fada A1- What You Need to Know About this Young Nollywood Icon

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Quick Stats

  • Date of Birth: 7/12/1986
  • Place of Birth: DELTA STATE
  • Genre: ACTION movies, COMEDY & EPIC
  • Years Active: 2010- Till Present
  • Collaborations: TT Temple, VALENTINE LOWEZE, JOHNLYN…
  • Social Media Handles: Instagram & YouTube- CITYSTARMOVIEPRODUCTION
  • Inspirations & Role Models: Mr Ibu (comic), Zubby Michaels (action)
  • Favorite Color: Every Color
  • Favorite Food: Every Food

Early Life:

Born Sunday Oghedo on 7th December 1986 in oil rich Delta State in the old Bendel State, Nigeria.

He grew up with the passion for the arts, and when he was 13 Years he enrolled in a Film & Drama Academy to help build himself artistically.

Immensely blessed with a potpourri of talents, young Sunday took to music and discovered that music was not his thing- he stylishly quit to focus more on Acting.

Hear him:

I began my acting career at the age of  17 in Delta State while still in school. When I finished school,  I moved down to Lagos State in 2006 where I joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Acting commenced while in church; after I created a drama group called dynamic entertainment-  my first  performance in a story titled- The judgement.


The Journey to becoming a movie Producer cum Actor as well as a Chief Executive Officer of a movie Production Company was one filled with so many upheavals.

Fada Fada A1 undaunted, did all that he could do survive while keeping his passion alive.

Just like any other budding Entrepreneur, he faced lots of financial challenges; and like a phoenix, he indeed rose from the dust to establish himself albeit.


I joined the commercial transportation where I worked as a conductor for some years. Then went in search of a job in a company work. I worked in this particular company for a while then I met Eze Sunday in a company I was doing security work in eagle flour Mills Nigeria. He is the one that took me to the AGN,  then NOLLYWOOD subsequently. after which I registered with The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

2010- till Date

After officially joining the AGN, Fada Fada A1 made his professional acting debut by appearing in many comic films, short films and more.

Then he met Mark– the CEO of Silver Yard production who took him deeper into the higher echelons of Nollywood Royalty and from thence he started making appearances in Bigger Nollywood Productions while starring alongside some notable Nollyood Actors.

In 2011, he formed his movie production house called- CITY STAR MOVIE PRODUCTION.

He then made his Production/Directorial debut in the comedy skit- titled- Fear of a Woman; under the City Star Movie Production imprints.

He also produced another short film titled- Local Girl.

In 2016, he produced his first real movie, a Gangster film titled- FADA FADA, this is the movie role where the name –FADA FADA A1 emanated from. He featured Jhamel (actor/producer).

2017 saw him producing another movie titled- Greed father,with a rich cast that had the likes of – TT TEMPLE ,VALENTINE JOLENE and other Actors and actresses.

He actually met Veteran Actor and Broadcaster- TT Temple at an AGN meeting from where he built a friendship and professional working relationship with.

FADA FADA A1 with Nollywood veteran actor and media personality- TT Temple Oguike
With Veteran Nollywood Actor- TT Temple Oguike

In partnership with New day Media, they produced a movie titled- Quest of fame in 2018.

Around the same time 1n 2018. he got a call from Jhamel for a movie role around a location in Lagos State; that was where he met former Teen Star and now Mrs Regina Ned Nwoko nee Regina Daniel.

FADA FADA A1 with Nollywood Actress Regina Daniels
with Nollywood superstar actress- Regina Daniels

In 2019, he met foremost Executive Producer, occasional actor and CEO- Pressing Forward Movies- Simon Emelu at a birthday celebration of fellow Producer- Jennifer AKoh of Akholite Film Production.

FADA FADA 1 with Actor/Executive Producer Pressing Forward movies
with CEO Pressing Forward Movies

Filmography: (list of movies featured in with dates)

Name of MovieYearCast
Fear of a woman2011
Local Girl2011
Gangster Fada Fada2016Jhamel
Shawo Koko2017
quest of fame2018
Ghost House 1&22020

You can get a snippet of his latest work- Ghost House 1 & 2

See the trailer for his latest Movie – Ghost House 1 & 2

SUNDAY OGHEDO aka Fada Fada A1 is truly a rough coin that was berthed in the fires of greatness and through hard work, dedication & resilience this dude has carved a niche for himself.

On how he has stayed strong through trials and tribulations- Fada Fada submitted:

I built my career with God and my seriousness.

This assertion holds true, and as he continues to reinvent himself into a more formidable brand, we would also pay close attention to his blossoming career as the years unfold.

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