Foods and their Health Benefits

by Mar 24, 2021Cuisines, Lifestyle & Entertainment

Every food being prepared for the satisfaction of customers or loved ones should be the best.

The saying goes…

“You be the best, you give the BEST”

Irrespective of the status or personality; ensuring the proper meal to be made and served at the right time is essential for one’s growth, both physically, emotionally, psychologically.

As chefs, we let our mind be the commander and hands the servants.

In the sense that we think before we act, a typical example is seeing a lady customer or loved one sad or moody.

The chef thinks creatively on how to change the mood by either making an ice-cream, smoothie, milkshake, cupcakes, etc.

That’s how the mind starts thinking of ways to change the mood of the lady, but not just ending there; the chef aids the temperament, and trust me this is one of the most endearing qualities of a good chef.

Considering the mood and expression of the customer, it’s left for the chef to give them what they would love or their hearts crave for.

Some of the dishes that could help lessen depression are:

  • Foods rich in vitamins help boost the immune system, like blueberry juice or smoothie.
  • Foods that are of high protein, like soya milk, or black beans with mushroom soup, less fat milk cream, poached egg.
  • Foods like coffee with cinnamon or cocoa cream.
  • Foods rich in vitamins, like Avacado salad, fruit salad, beets, etc.
  • Foods with sweeteners, like walnut cream choco, chocolate with cream honey.
    There are lots of other foods and their functions on the human body, all just depend on preference.
    To be continued on my next episode in foods and their health values

Written By Fifi

Fifi is a like a book, she writes what her heart feels. She is simple in a sophisticated way.

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