Foods you must Avoid Eating Minutes before Hitting the Studio

You hear the doctor saying

madam you need to avoid eating peas and canned foods to prevent you from falling prey to this illness again


So also, you’ll hear the Voice Coach telling his/her students certain foods and things they need to avoid so as to help them keep their Vocal Cord in good shape.

You’re about stepping into the booth to record a song, there are some Foods you need to avoid before doing that.

Tell me about it? so what foods are those?

1. Avoid oily and fatty foods.

Avoid oily and fatty foods. E.g deep fried meat, chips, pork and crunchies. They can block your Vocal Cord. Deep fries can also cause heartburn

2. Avoid cold drinks

e.g water, beverages, soda etc

3. Avoid eating sugar coated things

e.g chocolates

4. Avoid alcohol

it dries the throat

5. Avoid taking drinks that contains caffeine

it does nothing good to your voice. It dries up your cord Lubricant

6. Avoid Spicy Food:

Who likes to get chocked in the middle of a section? No one You should know you’re not suppose to eat peppery food, before singing

Adhering to these instructions will really help..
It can also be applied generally as per Maintaining your voice

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