Francis Angel’s Hot New Single – “LAGOS” Now Out!

by Sep 1, 2018Naija hip hop

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Francis Angel takes his lyrical ingenuity to heights never imagined in this Story telling epic poetic rendition he refers to as – Lagos 
Lagos is a track that gives you a vivid picture of life in the cosmopolitan city of Lagos ,you can listen through the profound word mastery that Francis Angel enlist, even as he takes you through the labyrinth and literally contours that defines what the city and it’s environs is all about.

Hip Hop still lives and dope lyricists like Francis Angel makes this real, especially when you listen to the punch lines that he spat and power rhyming pattern that characterized the entire delivery. Not forgetting the beautiful tempo of the beat and top notch vocals that blends well to give you something to dance and revel over.

It’s pure undiluted Hip Hop at its peak, and hot bars that he littered allover this piece is quite legendary: Hear him-

“my head too big I can’t wear the crown

we no need NEPA our Naija girls de give us current

“Gheto boys try to live life before we kick d bucket

many are called but I guess i wasn’t chosen”

The track was once again cooked and properly dished out hot by one of the most prolific producers of all time – *Onujae* whose prowess in producing powerful hits and vibes is never in doubt (listen to mummy why by Gidzeey to feel his productive genius flow).

I specifically loved the transitions as well as the properly layered lyrics that blended well with the beats, something so sensual and entertaining to the Listener’s auditory perception.
I urge y’all to go feel this hot compilation and once again understand that there’s still hope for naija Hip Hop.

↓Download “Lagos” by Francis Angel↓

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