From Glam King to Jailbird- The Story of Ray Hushpuppi

by Aug 14, 2020Timeout With Tega

Hushpuppi before and after

From Flaunting Gucci & Bentleys to Interpol Net: The story of Ray Hushpuppi.

All that Glitters is not gold!

Life can dole you oranges when you want apples!

From living in the ghettos and slumps of Bariga to flying private jets and playing the big league!

It was indeed a roller coaster ride for Ray Hushpuppi aka Aja 4 and Aja Puppi!

Gucci, fendi, dolce & Gabbana lover!

Rabble rouser and one of the biggest online trolls!

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On today’s episode we look at the Life of self styled Gucci Brand ambassador, unconfirmed “Real Estate Developer”, Brand Influencer and Socialite- Ray Hushpuppi AKA Gucci Money!

Hushpuppi with red bag

How he came into the consciousness of Nigerians

Utilized trolling and rabble rousing to announce his entrance into the celebrity circles!

Used social media to flaunt and intimidate both his fans and supposed haters

How the lifestyle he was so ostentatious about finally became his bane!

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Born Raymond Igbalodely on 14th June in Lagos Nigeria; obviously not with a silver spoon, but decided to spurn his spoon till it had some silver and gold spark on it.

from glam king to jailbird the story of ray hushpuppi

He grew up around Bariga/Oworonsoki, and from some of the post he shared on the internet- Ray Hushpuppi AKA Gucci Money lived in abject poverty struggling like every other Nigerian born without wealth and privilege.

He highlighted this in an open letter he shared with his followers about his life before the fame and the money: hear him-

“This is my story, this is me and this is the hushpuppi you have been hearing about. The Ghetto kid in me is at Its peak and ready to explode and spread around the globe. I am you and you are me. I represent every under priviledge kid of the world and especially of Nigeria and of Lagos and of Bariga and of Oworonsoki — Where a landlord had chased me and my family out of a rented room. I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face trying to send me and my siblings to neighbors and relatives and the sadness in the eyes of my siblings.”

With life obviously not skewed in his favor; Raymond understood that if he was going to change the fortunes of those he love and of his own; he needed to do something extraordinary to make that change happen.

What he did to attain the height and the wealth he enjoyed till his recent runnings with the Law; was perfectly packaged in secrecy.

However the Dubai based big boy never for once shied from displaying his wealth much to the displeasure of many, especially the celebs he trolled!

While still based in Malaysia, Hushpuppi made his loud entrance into the social circles of the country in a very loud, unconventional yet very expensive manner.

It started on Sunday, March 12, 2017; when a Twitter user @lifeofslim__ posted a photo on Twitter of Quilox receipts said to be from the big money spender HushPuppi, largely unknown at the time.

The numbers on the receipts were quite unsettling for many Nigerians, especially at a time the country was battling with recession.

With many homes going to bed on empty stomachs, while a certain Hushpuppi was wasting wads of Naira in the club for nothing but catching some cruise and ruffling the feathers of those he considered as threat to his social ascendancy.

The News from the grapevine revealed that Aja puppi, the nouveau riche and big money spender, spent a whooping N11.5m at the club in one night!

Spending the money was never the issue, rather it was a message directed specifically to the OBO- Davido, who it was learnt was at Quilox on Friday, March 10, 2017(two days before Hushpuppi visited), and as usual bought a lot of drinks both for himself and his goons.

When it was time to pay for his drinks, Davido claimed his (ATM) card was not working.

Now Hushpuppi got wind of this development, I mean dude was literally waiting for a moment like this to launch his monetary arsenals and throw some offensive starting with the OBO as his first victim.

After spending the money; Hushpuppi went on Instagram and posted:

“They need to talk about me to get attention because if they spoke about themselves, no one would give a Bleep #Gucci #BabaOlowoHimself”

Not done, Ray decided to throw more shades at the OBO; he took to Snapchat and posted this scathing remarks, bearing some subliminal disses all to get the attention of the OBO; see-

“I am speaking on behalf of my honorable self and classic baggie and self-paid, if them born anybody well, or ‘UNA CREW’ make una come out tonight, make we use am do champions league final in this lagos tonight!!! Bottles will be flying from the beginning.

“Hennesy don enter body and tonight is the night to let you all know I didn’t go and count bridges in Malaysia for 4 years

“If your net worth is a hundred million and below, stay at home tonight or come as a fan or a looker.

‘Note to Shina Peller: No credit sale tonight, no selling to anyone based on personality or past glory.

‘”ur own bank open today and our token dey on standby and network good, no story, no ‘i dey come’, no ‘baba u no sabi me ni’. ITS CHAMPIONSHIP NYT.

‘’There’s difference between omo baba olowo and baba olowo.“

With the shots fired and the OBO not willing to sit this out; responded with his own salvo on Snapchat after sharing balance of his account; hear:

“Hush Puppi!! U Better Commot this Naija!! Zero breathing space!! Never in ur life!!!!!!! ur lost!!!!!”

“Mr Bully the boys git bullied! Cry cry baby!!! Hush Puppi better use private jet commot this country!! Even Malay no safe for u!!!”

“Fame dey hungry u abi!!! Which song u sing??? Idiot..u just live to make u feel better than everyone!!! Wey u dey December??? Money wey u suppose use buy house mumu ode!”

With a window for a beef clearly opened, and Davido taking the bait laid for him by Hushpuppi- hook, line and sinker; Ray made every moment of this beef count.

He flaunted more of his props, his shoes, his cars and everything that smells “new money”.

Now much to the chagrin of feud lovers, this beef only lasted for two days. It was nipped in the bud by Buruji, who incidentally is a friend of both gladiators.

He squashed the beef before it snowballed into something uncontrollable.

Davido took to Snapchat to share pics of the peace meeting between them, and in the pics it could be seen that Davido and Ray were smiling and having fun.

Many conspiracy theorists were of the view that maybe- Ray paid Davido to start a beef with him in the bid to draw the attention of Nigerians to the new money bag in town- Hushpuppi.

True or not, this really worked as Hushpuppi in a matter of hours became an instant social media sensation; gaining more follows and using the opportunity to build an admirable brand.

To further show that these two had no bad blood left between them; they continued to extend their camaraderie.

The two hung out on the streets of Dubai earlier this year 2020, this was during the wedding ceremony of Davido’s elder brother.

Trust Hushpuppi, he was the VIP at the wedding, spreading wads of $100 bills on the couple while smiling and dancing.

Later on he shared videos of him in the company of Davido’s cousins- B Red and Shina Rambo.

With Ray Hushpupi now a certified Nigerian Socialite after his beef with Davido; he did not stop there and subsequently called out other Nigerian celebs.

Indeed it was the turn of Phyno and Ice Prince Zamani; who Hushpuppi dissed for putting on fake Patek wristwatches, for these two he posted:

“Ice Prince Zamani Phyno Patek Philippe! If you don’t want people to patronize pirated copy of your work, don’t patronize pirated copy of other’s work. #Hypocrites.”

Remember Hushpuppi made a career outta trolling and was always ready to employ this tool to get the much needed attention he always craved for.

Phyno on the other hand decided to give the troll a taste of his own medicine; and he did so in grand style dragging Ray allover the ground in this epic clap back:

We not on d same level mate.. Ulive and die for Gucci… I will live and die for my pple… The hunger is different here man. “ “Matter of fact show ur followers something else apart from been in store (sales man) and rented jet… U are not worth this topic but it’s wat ever…” “Jst live ur life… Such f*ckery when lame niggas think they d only one seeing money… Everybody can’t be loud like u… Real wealth aint loud…” “Ive got cribs… live in my house… Neva posted it.. Bought a house for my mum… Neva posted it..”

“I represent a full continent, nation, tribe, brands, streets… Wat do u represent… #hushpuppi. Gucci? Lol.. Learn life man.. I inspire u jst live for d media.” “Never… And I repeat NEVER let any one ride ur wave without ur permission.. IBU Onye ala? ..Wat do I look like to u?? Don’t go there Nxt tym cow.”

Still on the matter, The King of the East continued:

 “ As u don run leave that side .. Allow this zone to enter all of us o.. Cos e no go funny .. Gucci puppet..”

Phyno continued this beef when he dropped his lines dissing the Dubai Money bag in Timaya’s joint – Telli person; alongside Olamide baddo.

In the video, a puppy was dressed and a silver crust chain with the Gucci inscription was hung on it.

While the King of the East used the opportunity to further advice the socialite to desist from fraudulent activities since his source of wealth continues to draw more attention.

Not daunted, Ray Hushpuppi continued to live his life devoid of fear for the authorities.

He sponsored wild parties, clubbed in the most exquisite clubs of the world and spent a better amount of time grooming his shoe collection, chain collection, Gucci slippers collections and more.

However, Kcee, who felt slighted in the manner in which he insulted celebs, especially, musicians; also made a post in response to Hushpuppi’s shade on Phyno; let’s see what the Limpopo crooner said:

“Dear Hushpuppi, “We are musicians not paupers. Who exactly do you think you are to open your mouth and insult a musician that sweats day and night in the studio? “You have no credibility, no known source of income and yet you come on social media to attack hard working Nigerian musicians with traceable wealth.

“Let’s face it, I think we’ve had enough of this nonsense and disrespect form you. Really, What do you do for a living, what is your talent, how did you make your money, what brand do you represent? I will take it upon myself to raise a petition against you.” “We want to know your source of income since you now have the nerves to come on social media and call out a brand. Who is your father, Are you OBO, (Davido)? Are you a taxable Nigerian.? “We need to start asking questions and the EFCC @officialefcc needs to start paying more ‘Attention To detail’.’

hushpuppi vs kcee iceprince phyno

Hushpuppi responded to Kcee by invoking “Amadioha” The Igbo god of Thunder to strike Kcee for his submission and more importantly calling the EFCC on him.

While the dust was still trying to settle over these allegations of questioned wealth acquisition on the side of Ray; popular political activist- Deji Adeyanju; registered his concerns over the affluent lifestyle the Dubai based money bag led.

Deji Adeyanju was actually commending the Economic and Financial Crimes Comminssion (EFCC) officials for the arrest of several cyber criminals.

He used the time to direct the attention of the commission to beam the searchlight on Hushpuppi whose source of wealth and income remain undisclosed.

Parts of the post read:

 “…There’s this guy called Hush Puppy or something like that. Look into it. Big boy that claims to be a big boy without any source of livelihood and can’t prove his source of income is a Yahoo boy….”

The Human Rights Activist continued eulogizing the Agency and asked them to arrest more people who hangout at clubs and spend huge sums of unearned wealth like Ray.

Now Ray angered by Deji’s retort, made a video on Instagram threatening fire and brimstone and what he will do when he meets the latter one on one.

He also posted this:

“Ps: I have done this video far long before Deji and his foolish team of investigation that Ogun will soon kill all of them together. I have been living permanently out of Nigeria for over 8 years and have only visited just once, as I take be problem of Nigeria I no understand, I have never held any public office or even benefited from my country ever since I was born, other places where I have lived they have loved and appreciate and catered for me more than my own people, tell me why I no suppose return una citizenship to una? All the countries I have been they have never convicted me for as little as traffic offense but the country I send money to people wants to investigate me, very funny useless people that just want children of the poor to remain poor and are intimidated and scared about them becoming great and kick them out of power. Youths make una no gree for them o, don’t be intimidated, fight back and make your voice be heard and ur votes count. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! Street ma take over very soon, iyalaya anybody”

Deji not scared of Ray’s rebuttal, responded:

“My attention was just drawn to the response of that Yahoo Boy.

The only people Ogun will kill are those who swindle other people of their hard earned funds and sacrifice innocent girls to their diabolical Yahoo gods.

I challenge Hush Puppy to a debate in front of EFCC office”

With the stage set for a major clash between the socialite and the Human Rights Activist; but in a surprising twist of events- Ray confirmed that he and Deji have ironed the issues between them out in a phone conversation the duo had.

Hushpuppi continued living large, his birthday party in faraway Malta was talk of the town.

But he continued nurturing his celebrity status by involving himself in controversies and beef.

No beef hotter than the one he had between him and former friend and associate- Ismaila Mustapha A.K.A Mompha who we understand is back to his base and out of the custody of EFCC after it was alleged that he was involved in fraud and money laundering racketeering.

Dude was arraigned on 14 counts bordering on fraud, money laundering and running a foreign exchange business without the authorization of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Well the Story of Mompha will be told on another day; leave a comment to let us know if you’ll love to hear the story.

Now back to Ray and Mompha; the rift between the two wealth flaunting and social media braggarts started when a fellow IG Celebrity and former friend of Hushpuppi – Classicbaggie” threw some shades by way of an advise directed at Ray.

classic baggie

Classicbaggie advised his followers to invest in properties and stop living a fake billionaire lifestyle on Instagram, spending money on Gucci shoes.

Mompha responded with a comment:

“Baggie don vex. Tell em fake ass nigga IG celebrity,”

Hushpuppi obviously angered by the ranting of the two, responded to them in a very lengthy post, time would not permit us to read all the text.

From the post, Ray went on to reveal how he borrowed Classicbaggie Twenty million Naira without collateral, dude now has the guts to call him a “fake instagram billionaire”

He also shaded Mompha too, again we will only quote some snippet of their dalliance.

He posted:

“Them wan buy house, u call youself my friend but you tell them to add 5million for you, you be really true friend, clap for yourself….”

He went on to show receipts of transactions from deals they both had.

He also spoke about a certain “Larry Hoover” who Ray said he could spill the beans on, Quote “what happened in the dark about Larry Hoover”

Mompha understanding that keeping mum over these allegations could hurt his brand and person badly; fired back at Hushpuppi, exposing how he fled Malaysia after his beef with the OBO, and acting on his advice, relocated to UAE.

hushpuppi and mompha

He even helped him secure permanent residence of which he still owed him. Mompha went on to reveal how Ray borrowed to sustain his fake life, bought Instagram verification for $2500.

Continuing, Mompha asked him to stop faking it and go help his “Taxi Driver” Dad and “Bread Seller” mum.

The clap back was epic and too dirty for Ray, he took to snapchat to set the records straight.

He spoke on his times at the Mompha’s, how the latter impregnated his maids, sent them home, slept with female Chinese Masseuse without the knowledge of his wife.

He also talked about how Mompha still has his 70 million, yet he calls him “broke”.

He ended the by saying:

“…Bro I have been around you enough to know being around me was unhealthy and had to leave your home because I could not stand the betrayal from the point you went to backstab me”

Hushpuppi had beefs with other celebs and influencers like Oweri based influencer – Cubana Chief Priest when the latter accused Ray of posing with car rentals; telling lies about buying the new cars he recently showed off – a Bentley Bentayaga and a Rolls Royce.

Cubana chief priest

The Club manager posted:

Dear God, No Give Me That Kind Money, Wey I Go Get Machines ? ? For Dubai?? But I No Go Get Tyre For Naija??, If Bentayga No Be Like @davidoofficial @obagoal@classicbaggie Own Baba God No Take the call yet. Amen

Hushpuppi who is no stranger to beefs replied:


Ray kept living his life with no qualms, flaunting his wealth real or fake; and remember, after Mompha’s arrest; he hurriedly changed his profile on instagram to “REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER” in a bid to reflect his means of livelihood which has been a source of concern to many.

But this façade was blown away since he was already on Interpol watchlist.

On June 10  2020, Hushpuppi and two of his associates, Mr Woodberry and Efe, were arrested for allegedly hacking into the United States (US) unemployed database and impersonating citizens qualified for unemployment funds.

According to The Nation, Huspuppi and his accomplices in Nigeria, Dubai and other countries allegedly defrauded the US government of over $100 million meant for Native Americans in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

The News was broken by popular controversial “Medical/Investigative Journalist- Lemi Olunloyo on her Twitter page.

Videos of the big boy being whisked away by Agents of the Interpol were seen allover the internet.

It was alleged that Ray was a part of a Nigerian scam ring who stole $35million COVID-19 Stimulus cash through fraudulent unemployment benefits.

The full details remain sketchy, though the International Crime Fighting Agency has confirmed that Raymond Abbas Igbalodey AKA Hushpuppi is in their custody.

News of his extradition to Nigeria is on, and from feelers we are getting- the EFCC are working out extradition plans to see him come home to face the music.

Many Nigerians believe this might be a ploy to help him evade charges, just like his former associate and friend – Mompha.

Well if that is the case, we here cannot comment especially as the case is still under investigation.

However, the takeaway of this whole scenario is as follows:

  • Like we always say, he who lives in glass houses should never throw stones. Ray was quite loud, I mean way too loud for comfort. He drew unnecessary attention to himself.
  • Living above one’s means can lead you into doing things that you shouldn’t have done. Raymond blew away his fortunes on frivolous things like shoes and cars; and ClassicBaggie and Mompha might just be right about him being a “broke and fake Instagram Billionaire”
  • Life should not be a competition to outshine others, but a means to create value to the next person.
  • All that glitters is not gold, as a person never be in any kind of pressure to impress anyone of any reason.

As this case keeps unfolding and more details of what really happened are released into public domain, we will keep you all updated.

Till then stay safe, take care of yourselves and each other!

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