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L R : Esther Gemma, Vic O and Gouti

A lots has been on the internet and we’ve heard different stories making round both truth and rumor, this time around Gbedustreet Media exclusive conversation with with Vic O unveiling the real story behind the Fight between Zlatan & himself.

How Zlatan invited him to one of his estate and beat him with his boys, some say its a publicity stunt that its hard to believe but Vic O shed more light to what really happened.

On Celebrity HookUp with Vic O

L R : Esther Gemma, Vic O and Gouti

Esther Gemma and Gouti was the host for these exclusive interview

Gouti : Still on the Beef matter sometimes ago on Instagram you complained about zlatan and his guys beating you up and stuffs can you throw more light on that because people have been asking what really happened? why would he beat you and all that ?

Vic O bruised

VIC O : well that is serious, I Love that, it is really something i want to air out from my chest thats the fact about it, well to be honest i had a huge love for zlatan, i mean i saw him like a brother, like a friend, as a matter of the fact this is the music industry, no matter what if you talk about age am older than him fine, that is sealed but i saw even on his birthday i was there with him together we celebrated it. He even bought a drink for me though i dont drink but i took it from him, i gave it to one of the boys that came with me so that is sealed, we had no issue, so what happen between me and zlatan, why he actually did what he did, I don’t know what he was trying to claim or whatever i don’t know want to say anything about it to be honest probably he got me wrong, First somebody after his birthday and ask me to get zlatan for him because they want to get him 2 shows, one in the US and one in Anambra state, and i still have proof for that so i now called zlatan’s guys to reach zlatan but nobody could respond, i called his management is like he was busy because of the season i understood that and i chill i even ask the guy to chill even when he’s on my neck, you know asking and i have already gave him my word that i will make sure i reach zlatan if he’s free for that he’s going to make the show for real so what happen is that last week when they celebrated Tunde Ednut’s birthday at Folexx Lounge i was there and i was about to perform though we were sitting down with GA one & other artiste there zlatan later came and he shake me & i told him i want to see him and he said OK, later on i just go up to him and said bro i wanted your number because i want to discuss something very important with you, i couldn’t say anything there because we are in public, he didn’t actually know what i wanted to talk with him, he would have at least find way to reach me or something if at all he respect why i wanted his number, he didn’t, he said ok i should get it from my friend so when i went to my friend they were like turning and playing me around so i got upset, because something like that as i am now if i don’t want to do something for you or i don’t want what you want to give me i will say i’m not interested i don’t want it simple, so as they were turning me around, i got upset, i did a video “I called zlatan mehn before you started in this music industry I’ve been there before you as a matter of fact am older than you and I’ve seen things in this music industry that you haven’t seen it” before I started my music industry, i mean you haven’t finish sucking your momma’s breast, it was like a proverb but he didn’t get it, he got it wrong so after a while. because i had nothing against him, i had huge love on him i mean i did what i did because i was upset “i brought it out” so after a while people started commenting Rahman Jago said i shouldn’t have messed up and i said what did i do ? he did what i didn’t like, so after some days zlatan call me i saw a number and i ask who is this and he said zlatan and i said what’s up and he said bro what’s up see what you do why were you insulting my mama now what have i done that you posted such, i said i didn’t do anything what i did was that i spoke my mind because what you do was not right, you didn’t know why i wanted your number, he said ok that he is sorry, i said ok we’re cool me i have no problem with you i just said my mind because i felt bad because i was disappointed at you.

Okay, now we’re cool he said ok we should do a song together, i thought about it i spoke to my management, they said ok we should get him the song, we should do a song then if that is what he want for him to know that i had nothing against him, i said ok me i have nothing against him of course i did what i did, whatever i did i did it for love, i did it because i’m upset and i spoke my mind that is it, so when he called me he said i should send him the beat, i send him the beat and he said we should come to do it, after a while he said later V, i said ok no p, after a while he called me and said Vic if you’re free this night you come along to my studio then we do it together you tell me how you want it lets do it together, i even cancel one of my interview and said ok that is cool what time and tell me the address, he now send me the address, the address he send to me wasn’t his own address and i was having double mind but since i have nothing against him i was like well no problem let me just go even my boys wanted to follow me to the that where am i going this time alone by 12 i said i’m sealed no problem that im going to just take Uber and go there to see zlatan, we just the shii and come back so as i was going, somebody now called and said Vic wassup because i came down to get something so somebody now call and ask what happen between you and zlatan, did zlatan do anything to you why have you been posting videos, I just ignore the guy because i don’t want to talk much, I got back to the Cab, the Cab took me to the location, on our way going he called and ask Vic where are you and told him am at CMS because i was coming from satelite, i was not at Ikoyi, so he said ok no problem, after toll gate i call him again so he now send me a voice note, “Everything i am saying i have evidence” so when i got there zlatan came out himself and pay the Uber guy that carried me to the place, i wanted to transfer money to the guy but he said common let me just pay the guy how much is it, it was 2,000 Naira, so he now transfer the money from his own account to the guy.

So, i asked him is it here we are doing the song ?
he said no, Davido is shooting his video here, Davido his video that once he’s done then we’ll go to studio and round up the stuff i said OK no problem, so lets just chill i know you are drinking but just come lets just chill, so he took me inside the compound, as we got inside the compound there were some cars packed in a narrow road to get inside, he couldn’t even take me inside we were in the compound standing so i said whats up are we going to just stand here because I’m tired, he said Oh don’t worry we’ll go, before i turn back i saw somebody was coming, a guy like me and he was like Vic kneel down, i turned back and look at zlatan and said Bro wassup, and zlatan said Bro do wetin dem tell you make you no blame me, before i knew it another six to seven guys appeared from all corners and i was like wassup, before i knew it zlatan slapped me, he was the first person that hit me, i was like bro you’re hitting me, why did you hit me, why did you slap me, one of the guy said i should kneel down, i should remove all my phones, they pull my chain, my ear rings, till date i cant find it because i was trying to settle and ask why they were beating me, i didn’t fight back, they were just hitting me and i was just down there, because normally if they say fight trust me those guys, they cant even stand me even two of them or three of them OK but am not the kind of person that like fight, i don’t like trouble but i kept asking why were you doing this, but they were still hitting me and said why are posting my stuff, why are you casting me on internet, they brought sticks they were hitting me, my face, my head was swollen, for me to escape from that place what i did was there was only one person starting on the way, the only road to go out was that small narrow road, i made an attempt they drag me back, i was putting on sweatshirt, i pretend as if i didn’t want to go again so they kept hitting my body so what i did was to use force to push the guy, i hit the guy in front of me he felt down, i went through him and ran out, so they couldn’t come out so the Uber guy that carried me saw everything, he said what happened that he saw me running out that they were beating me, i said YES come and take me home so he took me home..

But when most of my guys called Zlatan and him he said no he wasn’t there but he forgot that he was the one that paid from his account and i have the receipt with me he paid, all the voice note he send to me i have everything i saved it, if at all i wanted to sue him i will have done it and anything i bill them the sponsor will pay, but i saw it as nothing, so i was so disappointed at him but if zlatan knows what he did was wrong he knows what to do. so that is it

Esther Gemma : Now do you intend to start any sort of war, maybe physical battle.

VIC O : Nah, no if i wanted to start a war i would have sued him, i didn’t do that because everything i said in the video i said this is going to be war, anything zlatan see they shouldn’t blame me but i said that out of anger okay after those stuff, if you go to my page I’ve deleted the video because i have nothing in mind, if at all i have something against him i will have gone there with my guys so that is it.

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