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Chilly Blaze

Happy viewing to our esteem readers and subscribers to Gbedustreet TV, You are welcome to the new Edition of Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi with our host Esther Gemma.

Today on these Segment of Wetin Eye Dey See, Esther Gemma interviewed a fast rising artiste with wonderful talent who has been making waves in the industry, his name is Chilly Blaze.

Gbedustreet TV Host Esther Gemma with Chilly Blaze

Gbedustreet TV : How are you doing ?

Chilly Blaze : am good (Exchange pleasantries)

Gbedustreet TV : ok so chilly blaze, what’s your real name ?

Chilly Blaze : I be Ibo guy ooo Chinonso Onyeweke is my name.

Gbedustreet TV : From which state ?

Chilly Blaze : From Imo State

Gbedustreet TV : Why music, you know you chosen you this path for a reason so why music ?

Chilly Blaze : Well i do it for the money (laughs)

Gbedustreet TV : But alot of people will say its inspiration, I hope the money is really coming ?

Chilly Blaze : Like real quick menh, its coming real quick.

Gbedustreet TV : ok so far has it been very good for you, how many singles have you released so far ?

Chilly Blaze : uhmmm up To six (6) but its not that easy for real, so many challenges you know, but we’re still pushing it tho.

Gbedustreet TV : thats great so what are the kind of challenges you’ve faced you know music is not moi-moi & there are alot of people that are pushing it with there money, some are pushing it with connections (alot of people know people that know people) so they just do this things & for you maybe you just come from somewhere like a humble background ?

Chilly Blaze : there are still so many challenges ooooo, no be wetin man go talk, like so many things wey eye don see you know for example a studio session will take me like 2 weeks to pay just for a studio session.

Gbedustreet TV : How much does it cost ?

Chilly Blaze : Well it depends, uhmmm some producer collect upto fifteen thousand, seven thousand, twenty thousand and upward ?

Gbedustreet TV : To produce wack or standard ?

Chilly Blaze : I wont say its standard anyways.

So thats one of the challenges anyway, another one is like now for example you go to a concert, you’re not been paid and they still take you as an option you understand you know sometimes i dont even have a chance to perform and sometimes even though i perform i will be performing to only the chairs, when everybody don go finish but i still take it as something that really have to happen.

Gbedustreet TV : How do you feel with having just two downloads, five downloads or ten even if its not too much ?

Chilly Blaze : ok let me ask a question, how do you feel if uhmmm your boyfriend say its over ?

it depend on the boyfriend (laugh) if he has money i’ll apologize, if he doesnt have money i’ll tell him goodnight, thank you for breaking up, is well with your soul.

Chilly Blaze : well its really heartbroken you know, you spend money on a song you waste your time on it and you just have just 2 downloads common thats really heart broken, its really painful.


Gbedustreet TV : what kind of music do you do ?

Chilly Blaze : uhmmm i do Hip-Hop basically Rap.

Gbedustreet TV : ok so we heard you had a single recently, whats that really about whats the inspiration ?

Chilly Blaze : The title of the song is Tough Times, we all know what tough times is right, that is basically all my challenges, i just put that in a song, i just felt like telling the world what i really pass through, no be say i go blow now dem go come dey say this guy don put hand for something oooo, na wetin eye dey see exactly i just feel like getting my pen write it down (laughs).

Gbedustreet TV : So you are not a Yahoo boy ?

Chilly Blaze : at all (laugh) i be artiste.

Gbedustreet TV : What are the challenges you faced as a rap arrtiste ?

Chilly Blaze : as a rap artiste mehn, so many challenges especially here in Naija for real, nobody wan listen to rap like everybody want to listen to dancehall, you know zanku all those stuff, rap no dey sell for here but anyhow anyhow we still dey push am .

Gbedustreet TV : You talked about rap not selling in Naija, but i know there are popular rap artiste here and abroad, can you tell those you admire both home and abroad ?

Chilly Blaze : For home oooo Mr Incredible MI mehn that guy is good, Vector, Ycee so many of them Dremo and uhmmm abroad J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lil wayne, but the person wey be say i dey admire pass for abroad is Migos,

Gbedustreet TV Host Esther Gemma with Chilly Blaze

Gbedustreet TV : Who’s your Favorite Migo ?

Chilly Blaze : Quavo

Gbedustreet TV : apart from the challenges, what do you gain from rap apart from the money ?

Chilly Blaze : as in i enjoy the Vibe, the way you just mix the words together to just create something is really inspiring even the money sef.

Gbedustreet TV : What are the collaborations you’ve done so far ?

Chilly Blaze : almost all of my songs are even collaborations, like the one i did with emmm Kisa, JMa, Teddy breezy, even my new single is also a collaboration I did it with J Classic he’s my producer anyway, so many collaborations.

Gbedustreet TV : Okay, do you make use of Ghost writers or you do your writings yourself

Chilly Blaze : Ghost writers, ummm kinda but not everytime, they’re not going to write the whole song, i’ll just give them my idea so they’ll write a little of it and ill just complete the rest myself.

The Host request for a freestyle as usual

Chilly Blaze gave a shout out also.

Gbedustreet TV CEO with the Host Esther Gemma & Chilly Blaze

It was really an amazing time with Chilly Blaze, hope you enjoy reading the conversation and you can still watch the full interview by clicking on the link below.

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