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Happy viewing to our esteem readers and subscribers to Gbetustreet TV, You are welcome to the new Edition of Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi with our host Esther Gemma.

Today on these Segment of Wetin Eye Dey See, Esther Gemma interviewed a fast rising artiste who has been making waves in the industry, we can boldly say he is one of Gbedustreet Media, a friend, a family anytime, his name is Jozzy also known as Jozzy Pablo.

Gbedustreet TV Host Esther Gemma with Jozzy

Gbedustreet TV : Jozzy how are you doing ?

Jozzy : am good, esther ! (exchange pleasantries)

nice seeing you again mehn, after my upper video i never see your face oooo, it’s all good.

Gbedustreet TV : This is a good beginning, hope Gbedu fam are treating you well ?

Jozzy : very very very ok mehn, i’m family of gbedu anytime anyday menh.

Gbedustreet TV : You are welcome to the studio
ok so now it’s been Jozzy, How did the Pablo get into the picture ?

Jozzy : Like Kizz Daniel said, “I’m just a boy with a reason to live like Pablo”, i hope that answers your question ?

Gbedustreet TV : Please say it we need to really know.

Jozzy : ok Pablo came like 2 years ago, yeah so i was actually suppose to open my own record label so its (JPM) Jozzy Pablo Music, so the pablo came from the hood, where i stay so everybody was like this guy lives a life of pablo so from there i just curb that pablo put for the Jozzy then put for the music, (laughs) thats Jozzy Pablo Music (JPM).

Gbetustreet TV : ok so what’s your real name for the sake of the fans, the house, we already know you, we love you, so now whats the real name, the one your mom call you for house ?

Jozzy : Ok my real name is Joseph Eze.

Gbedusteet TV : Oh you’re an Ibo boy wow ?

Jozzy : Ibo boy to the core.

Gbedustreet TV : and i was looking at him as calabar. alright thats great.

Ok now so far we’ve known you for a while, we did This Love at eleko beach, and that music was fabulous, so tell us a little bit about all the other singles you’ve had so far ?

Click on the Link below to download This Love by Jozzy Download This Love by Jozzy

Gbedustreet TV Host Esther Gemma with Jozzy

Jozzy : I broke through with Adabeke, Like Adabeke is online, its everywhere, ehmmm and I’ve been dropping singles back to back, i cant even remember how many songs i have on air since sincerely speaking because, I’ve never stopped I’ve always been doing it back to back tho i don’t want to stop, yes now but the recent single right now is Pray, Pray was suppose to drop on 25th but due to one or two stuff, we have to postpone to 1st so Pray is dropping on 1st, i dropped Lonely like some months back, so Lonely is trending like is on iTunes, it’s everywhere so right now we we are waiting for Pray, its a new season we got to Pray.

Gbedustreet TV : You are really amazing
Ok so talking about moving on. like you had challenges i guess, so what vre the challenges you’ve faced ?

Jozzy : You know, coming up especially with the fact that you’re the doing your thing yourself, you got no manager, you got no, everything is on Jozzy Pablo you know i’m the one pushing myself so its really been hard but its just Gods grace you know God grace made everything easier and smooth so shout out to GOD.

Gbedustreet TV : so what will you say your kind of music is ?

Jozzy : Afropop

Gbedustreet TV : OK so like how do you express yourself while singing you have a way of expressing yourself can you tell us like your pattern even in afropop like how do you do your thing ?

Jozzy : Music is very spiritual you know, music is something that is very spiritual, it comes, i can’t really remember the last time i had to get a pen and a paper to write down you know, i just get to the studio, i hear the beat i’m just freestyling and everything is coming in you understand so music is very spiritual, I’ve been doing it and its been part of me, it just comes i don’t have to think twice to think what i have to say i just want to hear the beat and say whats on my mind, i see writing as when you’re doing expo you’re copying you understand so that’s just it, is spiritual menh

Gbedustreet TV : Growing up everybody has what they wanted to become, you’ll ask a child what do you want to become, i want to become a doctor, i want to be a pilot, i want to be a this, i want to be a that, so what did you want to become while growing up and what has changed and what hasn’t Gist us ?

Jozzy : sincerely speaking, uhmmm i always wanted to be an Accountant or a Banker

Gbedustreet TV : you’ve always love money (giggles)

Jozzy : Nwanne the money is relevant.

Gbedustreet TV : you have to change it to Ibo (giggles)

Jozzy : Yes now cos when it comes to that money part i have to switch everything, yea yeah so I’ve always wanted to be that first product of a Celebrity, out of my family, out of my community so it’s always been in me right from childhood, i know am a star so i just keep chasing it till i get there menh.

Gbedustreet TV : OK so what was your dream, you said accountancy right so why Music ?

Jozzy : Nobody can change destiny, its just destiny my destiny, i just found myself singing, i just found myself playing the keyboard, i just found myself freestyling to the keyboard, i now find myself in the studio, since then I’ve been recording, I’ve been reording for over 10 years now so its been “Never Give Up Something” just back to back.

After the little break


Gbetustreet TV : Alright so Jozzy Nigeria is a tough market and ummm a lot of people are faced with financial crises, as an upcoming artiste do you get any financial burden while recording or anything as an artiste ?

Jozzy : First of all ummm i’ll say i have this grace of always having a producer by my side who always, when i call on, he turns up you understand a producer who understands i work with Lineo Beat and uhmmm a lot of rest of rest of the producers you know, so basically the economic crisis and financial problem is everywhere so, it’s still Gods grace that takes the artiste far especially that in which is pushing himself you understand so i’m pushing myself, am under the imprint of my own record label so i surely have financial burden sometimes cos sometimes you need to put the music online and all those things a lot of money and other thing so its normal but Gods grace just takes it far.

Gbedustreet TV : Wow that’s great, we give God the glory then ?

Jozzy : Yeah

Gbedustreet TV : Alright you’ve had a lot of collaborations then, can you give insight of some of these collaborations ?

Jozzy : I’ve had a song with Iyanya like 2 years ago, its titled Love but it wasn’t released.

Gbedustreet TV : What was the main challenge, why wasn’t it released ?

Jozzy : You get money to shoot video! you get money to all those kind thing now.

Gbedustreet TV : so they are really financial crisis ?

Jozzy : Anything you do about music, you need money and if there’s no money, you are not going anywhere.

Gbedustreet TV : OK so now we want to know your collaborations do you desire to collaborate with any top artiste or a producer like ?

Jozzy : Kizz Daniel, Davido yeah those are my two major collaborations.

Gbedustreet TV Host Esther Gemma with Jozzy

Gbedustreet TV : so Why Kizz Daniel & Davido ?

Jozzy : yeah, i have this relationship with Kizz, he always tell me somethings and i always wish to meet him back and i say “remember all this thing wey you dey tell me that time oya na now we go finish am”, so its something that’s actually going to happen soon.

Gbedustreet TV : we want to know your vision 2020 ?

Jozzy : My vision 2020, “ah omo na you go dey tell person say that guy, we get am see the video now, we launch am for our studio”, so that’s just all i have about the vision mehn i have nothing much to cap that’s just what i can say, ON GOD.

Gbedustreet TV : Who is your role model in the music industry and your role model generally alive ?

Jozzy : My role model in the music industry, oh God it’s very difficult

Jozzy : you know why ?

Jozzy : Am not role model so nobody is my role model cos your role model fit fuck you up, i admire everybody doing good music in Nigeria entertainment you understand but personally i don’t have a role model, i am my own role model, Jozzy is Jozzy’s own role model.

Gbedustreet TV : you inspire yourself

Jozzy : Yep

Gbedustreet TV : so now you said, you don’t have a role model, Jozzy is Jozzy’s role model, but you like naira marley now and you’re a marlian youll just be shouting marlians marlians marlians ehhhhh gbese so whats going on ?

Jozzy : There’s something about that marlian, the name marlian is just too suede, you know marlian is sweet but normally i call my fans Jonzings, like if you’re my fan you should be able to jonze with me you understand so i’m not a marlian, i’m a jonzing

Gbedustreet TV : Oh you’re flowing in the spirit

Jozzy : Yes now am still a marlian tho, but am more of Jonzing

Gbedustreet TV Host Esther Gemma with Jozzy

The host request for a Freestyle from his upcoming sing title Pray

Gbedustreet TV : Whats the inspiration like you just caught me when you said Mama say don’t forget to pray “That’s what my mom hammers on every morning like do we have the same mother” ?

Jozzy : No, no every average mother especially been a Nigerian mother, especially the ones who are mostly focused in the things of God, will always tell there children Pray oooo! so when i was doing that song uhmmm i recorded the song on my own, i was alone at home, i hear the beat and i was like wow and i was freestyling normally and i just remembered “My mother told me pray that same morning” and i said wow Mama said pray, i had to just fix in the lyrics .

It was really an amazing time with Jozzy, hope you enjoy reading the conversation and you can still watch the full interview by clicking on the link below.

Don’t forget you can always comment below on your suggestion and thought about this wonderful interview

Gbedustreet TV CEO, Host Esther Gemma & Jozzy
Gbedustreet TV CEO, Host Esther Gemma & Jozzy

Jozzy give a shout out to Gbedustreet Media for being a family from day one.

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