Gbedustreet TV : Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi Episode Two

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Just as you always know, we serve you with juicy gist on things happening in Lagos tagged Wein Eye Dey See for Lasgidi, like always Esther Gemma our host and Gouti on Duty as our co host

Wein Eye Dey See for Lasgidi, with Esther Gemma the host and Gouti on Duty as co host live in session

We will be giving you in full details the things our Eyes Dey See For Lasgidi, Gbedustreet Media Host Esther Gemma and the co host shed more light and you guys can also bring up more discussion so as to make it more fun and engaging.

I believe by now the amazing episode in one might have give you the insight of how we discuss things in full details,

Gouti on Duty: Gemma have you seen anything recently ?

Esther Gemma : we’ve seen alot

Today we’ll be having a fantastic moment, we’ll be talikng about the daily craziness that goes on in Lagos that you might even have adjusted to and you’ll think its a normal life,

Gouti on Duty : Like if you wanna enter bus, conductor will be shouting from the beginning “ENTER WITH YOUR CHANGE OOOOO!” enter with you change, #1000 no change, #500 no change everybody will still be entering as if they have change only for someone to bring out #1000 naira note in the end.

Esther Gemma : Do you want to sleep in the bus stop #1000 is it not money ?

Gouti on Duty : please why are you guys like this ?

Esther Gemma : Guy chill #1000 naira, is it not money ? it doesn’t matter he will look for change.

Gouti on Duty : somebody like you, na una dey do that thing well well.

Esther Gemma : Okay guys this week it has been a crazy week with all the bloodsheding and like i really want to cry “i’m been emotional right now” okay i’ll start with the Billionaire Oh my God Mr ignatus odinekwe i dont know how to begin like i dont know how to start like how do you, i’m really speechless.

Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi Episode Two

Gouti on Duty : I dont understand it ehn, there are so many bad guys in this world, this bad guys you dont kill them.

Esther gemma : Like someone who provides Job, Like the owner of fireman Like he just take away his life like the others, i just dont know & not even like they allowed him to rest in whole, they actually cut him into piece and put him into a bag & like everything, the whole craziness in it after poisoning him, injecting poison then they cut him lieing that you actually came for a business, buying land worth #900 million and that story is kind of phishy because,

Gouti on Duty : There might be more to it.

Esther Gemma : Yes there’s more to it, it looks like an inside Job and for me to see that someone that popular, rich & influential goes around without escorts or securities and stuffs like that, its really crazy & for a deal of 900 million without your lawyer.

Gouti on Duty : Can you imagine ?

Esther Gemma : ummmm I really have to

Gouti on Duty : with time we’ll soon hear more stories am sure of that, this thing is really deep okay, i can’t say much about it for now but

Esther Gemma : We should involve Deeper Life Church now, to get deeper information (Giggles)

Gouti on Duty : Well, its not funny so i’m not laughing

Esther Gemma : oh no i’m not suppose to laugh

Alright guys we’ll move on to the Gist of the Gay, Gouti you have to give us the full details like we really have to know everything that went on with this.

Gouti on Duty : You too like amebo

Esther Gemma : My ear is already scratching me, hmmhmmm!

Gouti on Duty : so i hear say one guy burst somebody anus (a 4 year old) 25 year old guy said he is, what do they call them again ?

Esther Gemma : Gay !

Gouti on Duty : that small boy as in why ?

Esther Gemma : its an attraction i mean, you know anything i know its wrong but like anything that has to do with sexual urges i mean it can actually push you. that guy should not say its the Devil because that’s where me i will come and slap him but for it to be like a 4 year old i mean its not normal he really needs to stay maybe some weeks in jail i think,

Gouti on Duty : They almost killed him sha but if i was there i was going to kill myself but he was lucky the police came around and rescued him, well lets just say he’s lucky by now Wo! .

Esther Gemma : alright guys so we’ll move on to the rest of the show just in a minute we’ll like you to stay tuned and we have a lot more of gist to hear from us so STAY TUNED.

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Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi Episode Two

Esther Gemma : Welcome back guys & its still Wetin Eye Dey See on Gbedustreet TV & we’re still talking about all the craziness that goes on, that you think its normal simply because we are used to it.

Now who else have noticed that a lot of people wear wristwatches and the time is past 12 when its actually to 5

Gouti on Duty : No time to check time

Esther Gemma : abeg whats you time there, what is your time dont run away ?

Gouti on Duty : Its not correct

Esther Gemma : can you imagine

Gouti on Duty : Forget this one the correct time is on my phone, this one is just fashion

Esther Gemma : alot of people wear watches for fashion & we do it, we are all guilty so let me now act like the Holy, I’m not holy,

Okay now we are moving forward to the Buses, if you’re planning to come to Lagos, I dont mean to scare you really, i do not sincerely mean to scare you but shine your eye, You really have to shine your eye because you see this buses like watch out for the bus called Danfo, who else have notice Danfo has this seat belt that you have to take over you head to wear

Gouti on Duty : That doesn’t Clip, they wont even ask you to put it on until they see maybe LASTMA or POLICE

Esther Gemma : Exactly and they’re actually doing it for the POLICE, and the police is not even concern because this is actually a risk because at the end of the day you find out that when anything happens that rope you’ve tied on behalf of seat belt can not do anything.

Gouti On Duty : It doesn’t work anything

Esther Gemma : It doesn’t work anything

Gouti on Duty : They’ll say put on your seat belt, you’ll be struggling where is it, Just put am like this Haha oh boy Drivers, Conductors the funniest one is Helmet, Bike & Helmet, they’ll give some people helmet though the helmet sef no well, they’ll hold it like this (over the head) on bike, as in Umbrella.

Lagos with the whole chancing and overtaking and the funny is the Police or whatever agencies will still see them like that and allow them to go, you’re holding Helmet like this so you’re good to go

Esther Gemma : I think the Government really has a role to play, individuals everybody i mean but they really need to sound this warning like we all have to put hands on Deck

Gouti on Duty : If its a law then they should really check it, is the crossing belt really where its suppose to be, is it okay, the Helmet are you really wearing it, is it Tight, you know all this things

Esther Gemma : Yea they really matter

Okay now moving on in a Danfo bus i think it suppose to be 2 seats in front “The Driver and one passenger” whats that extra cooler that use to be (giggles) the kitchen stool in the front just to have extra fare, like its unfair they dont even care

Gouti on Duty : after they’ve carried 5 at the back that is suppose to be 4 & squeeze people

Esther Gemma : They dont’t care if you’re seating well on the kitchen stool as i said earlier they move at a very ridiculous speed with overtakings and everything, I think the government “Police” i mean traffic workers they really have a lot of work to do in Nigeria i mean in Lagos particularly because this things are what people suffer like daily when they say Lagos is stressful is not just about because people are plenty or anything but the way people make life uncomfortable for others “It’s crazy”

Gouti on Duty : You really need to be strong to live in Lagos, i think i need to go back to my village i mean the last time i went there, the guys in the village are really doing well you know, why we dey suffer for this Lagos i no understand

Esther Gemma : We need Money

Gouti on Duty : Is there no Money in the village

Esther Gemma : we move on to how this churches extort money from people i mean the other day i heard a pastor on the island built a pool and tagged it “Pool of Bethsida” You have to go in and pay 50,000 and you will get healed

Gouti on Duty : Did he invited John the Baptist

Esther Gemma : you would actually be John the Baptist, remember you have dreads, 50k just to be in a pool of bethsida & ridiculous Nigerians like crazy are going there i mean i know you have problems we all do like we have alot of problems & trials, challenges, temptations, they go there and we find out that they might even come home with additonal troubles

Gouti on Duty : Gemma i am thinking of something i think we need to open a church “on Duty Salvation Ministry” boom!

Esther Gemma : that name, nobody will come because of the name, nobody will come we change the name

Gouti on Duty : Gouti & Gemma evangelical ministry

Esther Gemma : Wonderful, brothers & sisters i’m retiring i’m not among Government come & carry this guy

Gouti on Duty : Now, Gemma i dont know if you’ve notice this guys, extorting money from people in the name of try your luck whatever they call it i dont know, everybody know that this guys are 419 guys like they dupe people, they’re everywhere as if its a normal thing i mean if you’re old in lagos you’ll know that these people are criminals but yet the authorities are not doing anything about it

Esther Gemma : actually those people you just spoke about they’re like making it look as if its a business but there are other people who are worse off they are these guys that roam around Mile 2, Iyanapaja & some other places like Ijesha

Gouti on Duty : there’s this particular ones in Eyo in Idumota, this guys they have a bus they even have ID card, you know they’ll say the government is running a promo get a ticket scratch it and win this, this guys have been operating for years, they’re just collecting people’s money and when you win they ask you to bring whatever, i know they’ll say peole that fall victims are the people that are greedy & all that but we all know that this people are doing this thing ilegally or something so they should do something about it, its not fair


Esther Gemma : There should be a price, should i say a reward for fraudulent activities i mean whoever does fraud is a criminal i mean anything that is fraud related, this guys actually, someone came up to me one day in 2015 & was telling me how his ship was confiscated by custom officers and he is from cotonou or so and he was actually really forming, i knew he was a bad person like a kind of criminal, i actually called a police officer and he ran away & the police officer told me that “this people, no we all know they’re criminals, they’re fraudulent, na 419, make una no dey answer dem ” and i was like

Gouti on Duty : Thats why they dont shake you know they are just there doing what they are doing because even if you report to the police nothing will be done about it so they’re just doing there thing so please

Esther Gemma : we really need to check those things and its terrible, its a terrible thing like i mean if you hear us Government, any agency that can really help

I guess by now you will understand these are incoherent issues that we as an individuals should take into considerations and really take seriously..

You can watch the previous episode of Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi Here

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Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi Episode Two

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