Gidzeey comes alive in- “WOKE” Feat Qhadeer X Carterblinx

by Nov 10, 2018Hot songs Now, Naija hip hop

↓Download “Woke” by Gidzeey feat Qhadeer X Carterblinx↓

Again Gidzeey raises another lyrical dust in the Hip Hop World stirring some rather hardcore emotions as he laces his dope flows in this new banging effort which he calls – “WOKE”, a song that once again settles the assertion that he indeed is the Lyrical Godzilla as far as Naija Rap is concerned; especially as he brings back the nostalgia that used to characterize rap back in the day. The duo of Qhadeer and Carterblinx joins him in this powerful rendition, adding more pep and mad bars to complement Gidzeey’s effort.

Woke, like other lyrical works this rap aficionado has put out there (listen to Mummy Why & Real Talk ); kinda raises this dude’s ascendancy as far as the game is concerned, particularly as the song resumes on a rather catchy tone, with the late British PM- Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, drawing the curtains open with his famous Speech.

Then Gidzeey jumps in with the intro, sending some heat waves that reverberates and rekindles some vigor in the process, as he flows fast, albeit steadily, telling the story with the theme of the song all in focus.

I truly loved how Quadeer made his own poetic inroads, making sure that he never altered the pace & the rhythm of the song as enlisted by Gidzeey, flowing in like manner, dropping some poetic inflections with deep meanings, enmeshed in harmonics and rhythmic ambiance that keeps this collaboration so alive. Not forgetting Carterblinx who gave this piece even more profoundness, with his sonorous additions.

The track was produced by Dr. JMX, whose infusion of a little bit of West Side styled G-Funk, blended with bold retro beats, then mashed together in both the 90s flavor as well as Today’s contemporary sound that resonates in its entirety. I daresay this dude truly displayed some creativity and ingenuity all in one piece.

Woke is a song that bores all the character of what true and undiluted hip hop should sound like, with lyrics so dope that you’d wonder what goes on in the sage mind of this Mummy Why crooner. You could see Pac, Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Garvey, and Nas  all reborn, when you listen to the complexity and sophistication he employs in his lines and wordings.

I urge y’all rap enthusiasts, lovers and everyone with a good ear for music, to go feel, download, stream, dance, share and relive this moment even as you stay “WOKE”

↓Download “Woke” by Gidzeey feat Qhadeer X Carterblinx↓

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