Gidzeey Drops Visuals for Latest Single- Vawulence

by Sep 17, 2022Music Videos

Music Video Information

  • Title- Vawulence
  • Name of Artist: Gidzeey
  • Directed by: Mad Jamie
  • Date of Production: September 2022


“Aesthetic visuals and amazing storyline” could be used to describe the visuals for the official video for the one I call “The Lyrical Godzilla” Gidzeey‘s Single- Vawulence.

A conscious trap song that captures the oppression, brutality, and human rights violations by Government.
I loved the use of Seaside, it reminds me of the movie- Alcatraz.
It depicts agony, oppression, and the fight for liberty.

Video Quality:

Shot in HD at a resolution commensurate with the budget, I daresay that proper use of natural light gave the video some concord and soothing ambience, though it could have been better.


The Riverside scenery was top-notch, and I felt the director’s ingenuity as he moved in between shots to give credence to the story.

The forest and lush green marsh surrounding what looked like an isolated Island, were truly a beautiful depiction of captivity.


The mugshots and the prison uniform complemented the visuals, and the inmates were a bit noncommittal, which gives a clear-cut picture of how oppressed the people are.

I loved it, that was genius!


The Transitions in-between shots were rudimentary.

Audience Retention:

I watched it from start to finish, the fight to get liberated is a story of humanity, and the Director did well.

Though I felt it was not profound enough, overall the well-cut shots will make anyone that loves conscious and trap music, watch the video to the very end.

What could have been Better:

The lighting during production and post-production did not do justice to the entire picture.
The intro does an excellent job of walking you into the story, but I felt it did not inject enough suspense.

Final score :


Final Thoughts:

Vawulence is a beautiful story of oppression and the fight to move above our adversaries.
Gidzeey captured those moments and the Director did an excellent job of telling that story in a visually convincing manner.

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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