Gidzeey Pours Out his Heart in New Solo Effort “Mummy Why”

by Jul 31, 2018Naija hip hop

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Gidzeey, who I personally regard as the Lyrical Godzilla, makes yet another well thought out poetic rendition that takes you through the time as he narrates his personal experiences on his journey through the difficult labyrinth of this industry, specifically as a hardcore lyricist; in this powerful and touchy track he titles – “Mummy Why” a song where he assures his mama of his clearheadedness with his choice of rap, not just as a passion, but indeed his life.

Mummy Why is a song where Gidzeey bares it all. The track resumes on a rather soft and catchy tempo and stays so in the course of the entire delivery. The sophisticated lyrics employed in this song is quite mind blowing and sets him in a pedestal only a few with this level of word mastery can relate to. The transition was most perfect, as evidenced by the lovely chronological sequence Gidzeey employs to build a clear narrative of a wonderful story of his life.

The song was produced by Onuh Jae -who again brings his deft production touches to enliven this song with the pure sounds he utilized, especially the soft and beautiful pitch the Keyboard added to the whole score. I also loved the laid back tone the song resonates on, making it so easy for Gidzeey to perfectly jump on the song, dropping his bars quite affectionately in a manner that will make you relive the experience as if it were your own.

Gidzeey , who we spoke with a couple of days back before this release, made sure he lived up to his billing as an esteemed member of my elitist hip hop group- The Renaissance, by delivering a legendary job that will cement his name as far as they rap culture in Nigeria is concerned. You could notice the empathy and purity the song bares on and he surprisingly showcases not just his lyrical dexterity, but also his vocal ability, hear him:

“mummy don’t cry, boys e go blow, very very soon this owo go show…you say make I be lawyer but na music I choose…

“… these words didn’t come out until he got his eyes shut (talking about his dad)…daddy died everybody looking up to me.. be a lawyer, fill his shoes, build a legacy… stop the rapping…”

Mummy Why is a song suitable for all adherents of true hip hop, and Gidzeey, true to his nature and also going by his previous works (Real Talk); gives his fans something to vibe and ruminate over, a song that I nominate as the Best Rap Song for 2018. And I urge y’all true apostles of Hip hop to go download, Share and enjoy this wonderful and well orchestrated work of Art and expression, while you sing along:

“mummy don’t cry, boys e go blow, very very soon this owo go show…you say make I be lawyer but na music I choose…mama no be lie o…

↓Download “Mummy Why” by Gidzeey↓

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