Gidzeey Tells Experience in New Hot Jam- “Real Talk”

by Jun 20, 2018Naija hip hop

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I had this assertion that hip-hop’s dead, but this perception changed after I listened to this hot jam by fast rising Abuja based rap aficionado- Gidzeey in this track he titles “Real Talk

Real Talk is a song that relates with the rapper’s personal experience after he had some runnings with the law and got wrongfully arrested by the Police as he narrates in the song.

The profound and in-depth of Gidzeey’s lyrics can only be met with top MC’s in the same cadre as Mode 9 and Chairman MI Abaga (who by the way would be blown if he hears this). I see some of Lil Wayne’s swag and flow in the former, fortunately one thing he has going strong for him is his lyrical dexterity which you could easily feel in this track.

You can call him The Storyteller; and you’ll be right if you do that because the way he flows in chronological order lacing his verses in a manner that takes any listener through the experience like it was you that’s reliving the experience yourself.

Been a while I listened to an inspirational verse and Real Talk is a full description of one, I especially loved the punchy rhymes, fast in some places, and laid back along the line, even as he doles out his bars perfectly and in harmony with the beat, pitch, tempo and flow of the whole song.

The track was produced by Delly R who spared no expenses in making sure that the whole song was in perfect sync with the beats and of course the lyrics.

Real Talk is a song not for the weak hearts, but hardcore hip-hop fans who I bet are tired with the retinue of trap-shit they are inundated with everyday as rap, and I bet Gidzeey is one of the few artists who I personally call the hip hop renaissance alongside another hot head I’ve featured on these pages- Laced Flow (listen to his song Fun to understand what I mean).

This song is for all hardcore hip-hop buff who I encourage y’all to download, listen and share.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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