Gouti on Duty set to Drop Much Awaited Single- “Aminwa” feat H Cahsem

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Gouti on Duty has gone through the labyrinth & hoops as far as this industry is concerned; he made his debut in the gospel genre with – Okwa Chukwu, a track he released under the stables of The Proyota Concept.

Well this very talented ace singer, vocalist and Songwriter; has successfully completed the transition from the Gospel genre to mainstream afro pop, apparently, this much looked-for single of his, will further showcase another unexplored and relatively unknown side of him.

From the feelers reaching us here at gbedustreet; has it that Aminwa will be hitting the airwaves soon, and again he collaborates with the Magic Fingers & Self styled beat Boi- H Cahsem,who doubles as a vocalist as well as the Producer in this highly anticipated piece.

Gouti on Duty, is one act that has been there done that, overtime, he has horned his act, featuring in mostly gospel related works. You can feel the profoundness of his sublime delivery and musical ingenuity in OBO’s points man- Davido’s cover song – IF, which he rechristened- Billion Blessing, to suite the taste of his gospel music loving fans at the time.

Fortunately for many pundits, Billion Blessings , is a song with deep and well thought out lyrics, dropped hot with the kpon kpon sound taking center stage, unleashing some sort of novelty, sensuality and soul lifting feeling – all fully embedded in this beautiful rendition.

↓Download Billion Blessings by Gouti on Duty↓

Gouti The man on A mission:

Again, Gouti on Duty goes full scale global when he featured in UK Based New Age Reloaded Jazzy J’s sophomore effort – I Surrender  – after the latter’s hit single– Nara Ekele, a song that puts him and his sonorous voice in spotlight; currently on iTunes and all major stores.

Now, Gouti is set to conquer new grounds, set new heights and make bold inroads as he wholly modifies his act into something more damning and bold. It’s a good thing that he choses this auspicious time to do so, thereby exposing his romantic mien and loverboy swag; in this new song set to serenade the ladies, then set his budding career on a new pedestal.

We are truly waiting in the wings as we hope to feel Gouti on Duty on a whole new level; and Aminwa promises to be one track that will take him to the zenith of his musical career, even as he covets his spot amongst the top guns in the industry.

Though he ain’t no greenhorn as far as mainstream afro pop and secular music is concerned (having featured alongside #HighLevel ExponentWinnerBoy in Blessings); he comes prepared as he makes this switch.

Aminwa with H Cahsems on the Beat- The Implication:

Aminwa, with H Cahsem producing and vocally collaborating, is one helluva track to look forward to, especially going by the former’s antecedent and strength of purpose as far as singing and Producing unique musical works is concerned.

He has produced some top notch tunes like Ogshee2‘s La La Le Friday, Jonzing by First Blind African Rapper- Abednego Norris, and most importantly his own chart topping and Club Banger of a single- Pepper Dem.

↓Download Pepper Dem by H Cahsem feat Bablow & Ogshee2↓

With this reputation on the block, it is safe to say that Gouti on Duty has one thriller set to be released as he drops this superb and awesome love song, and we at gbedustreet.com will keep you posted and urge y’all to stay glued to these pages as Aminwa by Gouti on Duty feat the beatboi himself– H Cahsem, drops in a bit!

Stay Tuned!!!

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