Hobby Fresh- All you Need to Know about this Rising Star

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  • Real Names: EXCEL UBI ENO
  • Date of Birth: 23rd November
  • Place of Birth: Yakurr LGA, Cross River State
  • Occupation: Musician, Songwriter, Music Producer
  • Genre: Afro pop, Dancehall, CONTEMPORARY Music
  • Years Active: 2014- Till Present 
  • Collaborations: Ushardee Baba, Apostle, Coded Emperor and Macx

Personal Life:

Born Excel Ubi Eno in Cross River State Nigeria, Hobby Fresh started music at a relatively young age; doing mostly stage performances; hear him:

“While in secondary school I was in a music group and a dramatic group, I use to perform people’s song like Niga Raw, Davido and Timaya’s song during get together and end of the year parties…”

As the second child in a family of six; Hobby entered into the Music scene professionally in 2014, then proceeded to record his debut single in 2015 titled , and produced by Kizzy. This track ushered him into mainstream music; and after this sojourn, Hobby has gone ahead to record tons of other good pieces amongst them is his monster hit- Ego currently in all major stores (iTunes, Spotify & more…)

Hobby Fresh is one creative personality and he owes this innate ingenuity to his penchant for beautiful things as he asserted here;

“I get inspired When I sight beautiful things…”


Song Title Year of Release Production Credits
Oluwa 2015 Kizzy
Gaga 2016 Kizzy
Mbombor 2017 Kizzy
Shangolo 2018 Mr.Brain
Shake 2018 Apostle
Ego 2018 Apostle
Pamela 2018 Apostle
Luv 2018 Prod by LARRY LANES; Mixed & mastered by Apostle

Role Models:

This dude who has a very striking resemblance of OBO King and President of DMV- Davido; has the latter and Burna Boy as his role models.

You can checkout the resemblance below:


Hobby Fresh is a fellow who has a thing for the fairer sex and he vividly captures this disposition, listen-

“… beautiful ladies gets me inspired. When i look at a beautiful lady, I don’t lack what to say”

Hobby Fresh is celebrating his Birthday today, as he marks yet another milestone both as an Artiste and a great personality, we wish him all the best that life has to offer; and as we follow the stunning career of this mega Star in the making, we believe that Hobby indeed has the world to conquer via his chosen art- Music.

To further celebrate this budding icon, we will be leaving you with a fresh new Jam and he titles this one “LUV”

↓Download “LUV” By Hobby Fresh↓

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