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On a Thoughtful Thursday like we have today, we fixed with with the right Nigerian Music for you to stream, download, share and get your thoughts together.

On a Thoughtful Thursday like we have today, we fixed with with the right Nigerian Music for you to stream, download, share and get your thoughts together.

Today, we will be treating you to a beautiful tunes dish with some of the best Nigerian sounds now and from way back, all from the best the Nigerian Music industry can boast of.

1. Jailer by Asa

This is by far one of the best conscious music you can get to listen, Asa shows why she’s highly regarded in the industry with this well worded and lyrically ingenious track she calls- Jailer

Jailer is a superb rendition that serves as a reminder that when you decide to keep a person down; then you are just keeping yourself down as well; hear her:

I’m in chains you’re in chains too
I wear uniforms and you wear uniforms too
You’re a prisoner too Mr Jailer …

2. Holy Holy by 2baba

Tuface Idibia AKA 2Baba drops this poser to the hypocrites, haters and self righteous peeps with Pharisee complex, ready with their pull-him-down syndrome to tear you apart with their destructive criticisms and ; now Tuface uses this medium to ask them- are you truly?Holy Holy

As you dey for there dey claim you holy so
I hope you holy pass Elijah sha
Hope you holy pass the prophet sha
And as you dey for there dey form Obama so
I hope you get all the credential sha
I hope the people vote you sha

3. Hypocrite by Falz feat Demmie Vee

Still part of his Moral Instruction album, Falz comes for all the hypocrites in this track he titles- Hypocrites, and carries vocal impressionist Demmie Vee in this track that takes a swipe on folks who are ready to crucify others, while doing the same thing they condemn others for doing, just check out the hot hook by Demmie Vee:

People just dey do like say they no dey shit
People just dey do like say they no dey breathe o
People just dey do like say they get superpower
People just dey do like say they no dey weak o
Oh! Nobody wan dey sow where e no dey reap o

4. Tire you by Victor AD feat Davido

Coming on the heels of his monster hit single (wetin we gain?); Victor AD hooks up the OBO himself and DMV boss- Davido in this track I’d regard as conscious plea and supplication to God for more blessings:

t’s either I win or I win
I no get excuse for failure
O Lord I want to cash out
I no want to blame my neighbor
It’s either I win or I win
I no get excuse for failure
My brother chop life
Cause when you die, them forget your name o

5. E be like say by Tuface Idibia ft Soul E

We bring back this legendary tune from Tuface Idibia‘s grass to grace album, and he features now retired vocalist turned pastor- Soul E, in this very conscious rhyme that talks about government deceits and the two faced nature of our politicians, hear em’:

oh my God
oh oh oh
e be like say dem wan tell us wetin we never hear before
2 baba dey here plus soul e baba dey here
zaba daba daba da eh da ba da eh daba da eh
No be small thing oh
i say no be small thing oh
no be small thing o

6. Na gode by Yemi Alade ft Selebobo

The Diary of an African woman album by Yemi Alade was quite a conscious and brilliant compilation filled with rather appealing rhymes and tunes like this gratification song she calls- Na gode (Thank You in English as translated from Hausa)

Here she expresses her gratitude to everyone that has stood by her, and most especially to the Almighty God-

Person wey hustle suppose to chop
E supposed to pop, e suppose to chill ebelebe
Person wey work suppose to dance, e suppose to rock
E suppose to flex ebelebe iye eh eh
But don’t you forget iyo say no be by might iyo
Always be thankful o Oluwa Na Gode o

7. Johnny by Falz

Falz‘s Moral Instruction Album was quite instructive, and didactic too; in this track he calls- Johnny.

Here, he refers to every person that has suffered brutality from the police (SARS) or Special Anti Robbery Squad in full.

Mehn! This track is filled some conscious punchlines and poetic phrases with prophetic implications; listen-

Johnny just drop
Na person shoot am down
Johnny wey dey innocent
Johnny wey dey new in town
They kill am for Jos
For no just cause
Nobody fit commot for house
Dem no born us
Johnny no get priviledge
But Johnny want more
Him wan go study
Johnny say him wan be doctor

8. Mr. Foolish by Adekunle Gold feat Seun Kuti

Coming off his About 30 album, Adekunle Gold brings back Afro beat Legend Fela back to life in this satirical tune he calls- Mr. Foolish and features Son of the Ebami eda Seun Kuti, who showed truly that he is Father’s son in this duet.

O n fina s’ori orule tori o fe sun l’ale
Mr Foolish
O n gun keke ni railway, awe, se o fe pa’r’e?
Mr Foolish oh
You carry petrol put for nylon come dey smoke
Mr Foolish
Fire dey burn, you no dey run, you dey take selfie
Mr Foolish

9. Economy by 9ice

9ice comes hard for those in power who has decided to keep running rough shod on the down trodden in this power rhyme he calls- Economy

A song that present the true state of affairs in this country; and the dire straits citizens are in, coupled with bad leadership and almost non-existent Economy , check out some snippets of the lyrics:

Nothing dey work for Naija anymore
Light no dey I for dey watch football
Ai s’owo eran, lo je ki n je kpomo yeh
Odo mi n’ikun wa, ti n ba yo mo moh
Am so blown out of my mind
Am losing it life’s staphylococcus
Am losing…

10. Ye by Burna Boy

Burna Boy comes for the lazy and halfhearted twerps who are not ready to put in the work to make it in life in this track he refers to as – Ye

A song with a sombre look and profound semantics; I truly loved the progression it took and how Burna subtly passed his message to those fearful broads who want to savor the good things of life and yet are ready to sit on their lazy ass all day doing nothing , yet expecting riches; hear him

But my people dem go say
I no want kpai, I no want die
I no want kpeme, I want enjoy
I want chop life, I want buy motor
I want build house, I still want turn up
Tell me, tell me

Thanks y’all for taking time to go through this Hot Nigeria Conscious Songs Playlist, and I urge y’all to not only stream and download it alone, but help us share and spread the word.

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Thanks and God bless us, see you tomorrow with a brand new playlist for your streaming and download pleasure.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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