How to Create a Discoverable Playlist for your Single

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Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Audiomack, Boomplay, and other streaming platforms give ordinary users of their varied platforms the ability to compile playlists based on:

  • Genre
  • mood
  • the region, and other metrics that dictate music consumption by demography, age, or sex.

This discourse is a blanket post for all the platforms because all have similar operable interfaces, making it easy for users despite their skillset to easily create any type of playlist with an infinite amount of music.

The Importance of a Playlist for any Artist

As an artist whose songs are on these platforms, having your musical pieces curated as Playlists can truly help in many ways.

  1. Makes your song easily discoverable
  2. Places you on the top echelon of the genre with other great artists who are the top dogs
  3. Gives your songs more streams and invariably more money
  4. Enhances its chances of entering the playlists of A-list DJs and highly-rated music curator’s best songs playlists

How do I create an Effective Playlist across all Platforms?

As I opined at the beginning of this discourse, the article is cross-platform but with emphasis on the following apps:

  1. Spotify
  2. Audiomack
  3. Boomplay
  4. Apple Music/iTunes
  5. Deezer

#1- Understand which Genre your Music Belong to:

This is by far the most salient step and this is so because adding songs that are unrelated can be a turn-off for other users.

If you are an Afrobeat act, you can create a Playlist of the “Best Afrobeat songs in July”, “Afrobeat Sounds of Wizkid and Friends” etc.

Context is very important because any average user chooses to listen to a playlist based on the tone and mood of such a user at that particular time, place, or activity.

So ensure you compile songs that are very similar in tone, pitch, mood, ambiance, and message

#2- Curate the songs that match your music style, type, tempo, and sound:

As I said earlier, context is key, This should be your guide during curation.

#3- Create a Unique Artwork:

I cannot stress this enough because very good artwork can stand your playlist out from the competition.

Remember, the human eyes are easily attracted to beautiful and amazing pictorial depictions than textual representations of the same information.

These days you don’t require the graphic design skills of a pro, with drag-and-drop tools like Canva, Photopea, etc. these tools can get the job done in minutes. Enhancing the success of your playlist by 10x the Click Through Rate (CTR).

#4- Write Good Descriptions:

Using good descriptions is key to placing your playlist in front of users and ahead of the competition.

Recall that every streaming platform has a search bar function to sort songs in its libraries based on metrics like- Favourite songs, hottest playlist, Newest Singles, Hottest monthly releases, Artists, etc.

Good descriptions help the algorithm and the search bots unearth music to match the query of the user.

In Digital marketing parlance, good descriptions are simply the best SEO marketing strategy if properly utilized.

Do You want assistance with creating a highly effective and easily seen playlist?

1. How to Promote your playlist:

Below are simple tips to help your curation get easily discovered by users on all platforms (Spotify. Boomplay, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Audiomack, etc.)

2. Use good descriptions and keywords:

This is by far the most potent step to getting discovered because good descriptions contain the right keywords in a user’s search query when looking up music based on genre and mood.

A good description is a difference between getting discovered on any streaming app and achieving some real-time stream.

3. Always listen and stream your playlist:

Warming up a playlist is a way to tell the algorithm that it is no spam curated playlist.

Streaming the songs regularly increases their chance of discoverability.

I recall a Playlist I created on Boomplay for a folk music genre, I did it solely for my listening pleasure.

I was taken aback when I started getting likes and comments, with some peeps making it their favourite.

This assertion holds true and since then I make it a point to always stream my curations regularly.

4. Share the playlist with friends on Groups:

I am not so heavy on the group thing, however, looking out for groups where your kind of music is enjoyed can still send in some streams when properly done.

Facebook groups are cool, but you can be kicked off a group for spamming the platform with links. Make your findings before you get on board with your links and get shown the way out.

5. Use Short-form Videos to push the Playlist on TikTok, IG Reels, and Snapchat:

Short-form Videos are the real deal now. The only caveat here is that you cannot post links, but if you are creative enough then you are good to go.

You can use a powerful and free freemium tool like InVideo to make it happen.

6. Contact Blogs that create a playlist:

Blogs still work and as a blogger, I can tell you this for free.

But using the right blog platform that suits your kind of content is key- See this post for more (Best 10 Promotion Sites in Nigeria)

7. Compose Tweets of the Best Songs in your chosen Genre and Tag other artists:

I discovered this method and it really works. For example, you can create a list of: “The Best Afro-soul songs on Boomplay”

Then add the mix of songs from artists within this genre, tag their Twitter handles as well as the Platform (Boomplay for example), then leave a link to the playlist.

Sometimes the platforms might regard your playlist as cool and retweet it to their followers on Twitter.

I have seen this happen time and again.

See the Example from Boomplay Below:

8. Spend Some Money:

Spending some money on ads might not be a bad idea, but you must ensure you do so by utilizing the power of Social Media Marketing.

Our platform of choice is Snapchat with Snap Ads.

Snap Ads’ CTR is higher because of the “Swipe Up” feature.

I cannot go deep into Snapchat Advertising. This will be done in a separate article.

9. Stream, Keep Streaming and Always Stream your Playlist:

I can’t stress this enough because it is free, it is organic, and most importantly- highly effective.


  1. Choose the genre
  2. Compile the songs
  3. Write a good description
  4. Stream in the morning, Stream when you are in the mood, just keep streaming.

Playlist Safe Practices:

With time you will see the benefit of constantly streaming your playlist.

For this reason, I will be listing some playlist-safe practices:

  1. Don’t be selfish by spamming your playlist with your songs alone, make it a mix of your favorite songs within that genre.
  2. Use a unique artwork that separates you from the crowd. This distinguishes your curation and helps you stand out from the competition. It also increases the Click Through Rate and number of Listening hours of your compilation.
  3. Strictly select songs that match the Playlist. For example- Do not include a Fela song alongside a Majek Fashek song (when you are doing old school list).
  4. Start the list with a popular song of an A-list act in your chosen genre. Remember most listeners chose your playlist because it had the song of their favorite act starting the list.
  5. Don’t take good descriptions and keywords for granted because they are the building blocks that enhance the visibility of our curation


Creating a Playlist is a long-term thing and a practice that needs to become a habit for the success of your career.

Finally, if you are an Artists that want to create a visible playlist, we can help you do that.

we will assist you with the following:

  • Create an Artwork that defines your playlist
  • Choose the right songs that matches your kind of sound
  • Push the track to the ears of new listeners and fans
  • Rinse and repeat

Talk to Us today or email us as well – gbedustreetmedia@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading and let’s know what you think in the comments section!

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