How to handle raw talent.

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How to handle raw talent

I am talented, why can’t I be a star?
Over the years we have been experiencing many issues on Young talented people all over the world and not having the big break they needed…. hmmm…. it’s a huge one to deal with. okay so first we are going to look at what really is the talent and then how we can manage it to a point where it’s ready for market.
See talent is like having something of value but until value becomes productive it is just a “thing” . Now here’s the big question, what can we call talent?

First the Oxford dictionary defines talent as an UNUSUAL INNATE ABILITY IN SOME FIELD OR ACTIVITY. so first you should find what kind of activity you can do in an unusual way. It may be Educational, in the field of sports, in the entertainment industry, in the religious sect, in leadership and many others. when you find out that there is a way you know how to do something in an unusual kind of way or pattern and you probably have never trained for it, then you have discovered talent.

Now after discovering talent what’s next. it is often said that “talent is not enough” and I’m sure you can agree to that. you have a knack for this thing but nothing has been profitable from this talent of yours. you try and try and even tell people about it but nothing has happened. someone says “ah you are talented oh, I will do something for you” but despite the attempts nothing happens.

The solution is actually a process. Talent needs resources to get to where it becomes known and sellable. before investments come into a talented life or person or group maybe, the talent must be groomed to a point of maturity. Everybody loves a good food at a nice restaurant but nobody will buy the raw ingredients from the restaurant because they expect the restaurant to have cooked the ingredients into a sweet meal.
that’s the same way the in world it’s investors will not buy your raw material until you make it into something attractive. You don’t buy well cut planks from the furniture store because it’s expected of them to nail the planks together and Polish them, spray the work and beautify it into a proper furniture for customers to buy.

here are some lists on how to make the best out of your talent;

(1.) DISCOVER – search deep inside for that talent you Know you can do even if you are not being paid for it because eventually that’s what would keep you going during the growth process and trying times.

(2.) FIND A MENTOR – get yourself people who have been in that profession or field for a long time now and are also successful. learn from their rag to riches stories, most times the perfect mentor might not be all wealthy but the person had survived. so settle with the one your mind agrees with and that way you can relate better with the mentors growth and story.

(3.) START WORKING ON YOURSELF – do homeworks, go the extra mile, learn new ideals, get more information. when others are celebrating, spend your time digging deep into your Discovery. the more you work on yourself the better. don’t be scared to make mistakes. if you get discouraged, try seven times more.

(4.) PUT OUT YOUR MATERIAL – Now be ready for the most important time in your career. this is the part where many people drop it all. because after all the struggles and fights when you were working on yourself, some body can just kill your mind with critics. people can say you won’t ever make anything good from this but keep on pushing till limits are no more visible. WIZKID in his song LAGOS to KAMPALA where RUNTOWN featured him said “even solo tell me say I no go blow” but today he is a giant amongst music stars all-over the world. Tyler Perry said he tried so many times and after all the struggles he would come with his crew only to act to an audience of four persons. today he is one of the most successful black movie producers in the world with his Madea movies. don’t stop Even when you get on top. Keep spreading the news, let every one know what’s happening!

(5.) INVOLVE GOD – finally and most importantly, We must involve God in our endeavors because favor is another major secret to many successful greats. just a moment of favor can be all that your years of struggling would need to come to an end. When you involve God, God will bring men to manifest his favor. WIZKID got his deal by the help of his Aunt, Dremo got signed just days after giving up on music struggles by the help of a promoter, Davido had been releasing songs but Dami Duro was all he needed to break forth.

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That’s what we have for this week on Tuesday talent club. stay tuned to gbedustreet for more interesting articles.

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