How to Kick Start YOUR MUSIC CAREER the Right Way!

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Doing music and succeeding at it is no easy feat; that’s why you need to first of all understand and comprehend what this business is all about, lest you fall into the trappings of easy money, fame, fortune and whatever accouterments that you thought could come your way; and boom! you shockingly discover that all that glitters is truly not gold.

So I urge y’all aspiring rappers, lyricists, vocalists and more- to take some time to go through this piece and get to acquaint yourself on what the music business is all about.

. Make sure you have a way to make a living:

it’s probably not smart to drop everything and try to make a living off music.

If you’re financially well-off or have built up a strong path for income, following through another industry then maybe this doesn’t apply ; but for the rest of you, your priority should be to do something that pays the bills to keep you afloat while you do your music.

. Have goals and plans:

You really need to understand what you want to do and have a good idea of how to get there. Set goals and have a plan so you won’t waste your time.

Not everyone will have the same goals or inspirations, it may take sometime to realize what your long term goal is and it may even change as you gain more experience.

. Keep making music and Improving your craft

Country music star Craig Morgan performs a song

Your success in the music Industry ultimately starts with how good your music is.

A good song can help jump start your music career ;but you need to keep pushing out music to build off that momentum.

. Don’t fall into the believe that talent alone can sustain you

Talent matters to a point but if it doesn’t translate into “good” songs they gain exposure then it won’t take you that far.

With that being said, don’t get complacent . Keep refining your talents and skills. Whether it’s singing, rapping, or producing, keep practicing and learning..

Lastly, make sure the music you put out has good sound quality.
Your priority is to make quality music, marketing it is second.

. Be community oriented:

One of your first goals should be to develop relationship in your local community and music Scenes. Remember, relationship are key to success in this business, so start developing locally

. Networking Your Network is your Net worth:

More often than not, it’s all about who you know in life and the music industry is no exception.

You can network in your neighborhood, city, school by knowing different music venues and establish relationship with other local artistes and people involved in music.

Of course you should be doing this online as well as in person. The Internet isn’t just a place where you find fans. There are networking opportunities, but you just need to know how to approach it.

. Find Opportunities to perform live:

Unless you want to be someone who produce music behind the scenes for other artistes or for licensing you need to find opportunities to perform. Live performances are more important than ever as an income source

While record sales continue to deliver; just like with any other skill, you need yo practice and experience to get better.

If you’re not at the level where people pay you to do shows yet, start developing your performance skill at family gatherings or open mics in your community, school, church or local ceremonies..

***Final Thoughts***

For what it’s worth; I always tell anybody coming into this business to first of all know this- Music is not a quick money making scheme, rather it is a business that requires your time and commitment, only when you comprehend this cold hard fact can you settle down and make good music, then promote it, people get to hear and enjoy it- and finally you get paid, that’s how it works.

Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to drop your comments and reactions, let us know what you think, and if you require any sort of assistance, we would be more than glad to oblige you with the assistance you need.

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Written By Francess Smarty

Francess Smarty is a singer, song writer and one helluva writer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music and playing candy crush. She writes mostly on fictional stories, music tips and more

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