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We are in a very serious period of time, where a lot of persons and families are suffering hunger. The government barely has any effective plan on keeping the people alive during the lockdown.

Just the other day, someone said to me that what they are planning is. “If the virus doesn’t kill them, hunger will.” And as unbelievable as this may seem, some folks are actually agreeing to this.

The lockdown is being extended slowly so that we don’t notice the effects.

Now back to the matter of the day. We need a means of survival at least for the next weeks or months maybe, and I have a few ideals to share with you.


Home delivery is one major way of making some money during this times. There are people that need to send something or the other to friends, families, colleges and more.

So you can quickly take up this task of delivering their packages to them. To learn more about this, join the link below this article.


You might think everybody is at home and that they would all enjoy their home made meals.

The truth is that some people are actually not happy with their home made meals, maybe from their wives or those who are singles and cant cook.

Everybody would surely eat, whether from home or outside home. You don’t particularly need a shop to start. Even cooking little foods in medium sized coolers can fetch you some income.

Maybe you might want to even take it the old school way. Fry akara and sell bread with it or pap or Quaker oats. Maybe a special native soup. Just do something from the kitchen and put it out there. when I say anything, I don’t mean something that kills please LOL.


Freelancing is something that many Nigerians don’t really know about. Maybe because they have not really had an ideal on what this is.

A Freelancer is a self employed person who offers services, often working on several jobs for various clients at one time. Freelancers usually make money on per task basics, charging hourly or daily.

To break it down for you, this is what you can build up by your self and make a living for yourself. The best part is that it does not require a particular office.

All you need is your laptop or android phone, although it would be easier on a laptop. For more information on this, join the link below this article.


Yes, blogging isn’t really so much of a problem when you understand it and the best part of this is that you can start free and still make money through this.

It really is simple although there are some info’s you should know about. There is blogger and word press, both of them are websites that you can begin to blog on for free. Kindly join the link below to learn more about this.

This is gbedustreet, we got you covered.

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