HOW TO MAKE WORK FUN! (Business Mondays)

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Hello there, how has the weekend been? I know you must have enjoyed the weekend’s rest enough but if otherwise, then please do make sure you find time to rest during the weekends. Okay we come to that Monday thing again, yes the beginning of the work week

Whether you’re sitting behind a desk all day or are toiling away at a more physically-demanding job, odds are, you find yourself stressed out by work on a regular basis. And while quitting your job and going off the grid may sometimes seem like the ultimate fantasy, for most of us, doing so isn’t exactly realistic. There are bill’s to be paid, careers to be made and family to take care of.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer through day after miserable day at work with no end in sight. Using these tips to make your workday more enjoyable can help you beat stress, get more productive, and might even have you looking forward to clocking in.


Start Your Day With a Pump-Up Playlist

Want to feel more motivated every day? Start your day with a playlist that gets you in the groove. In fact, research suggests that athletes who listened to motivational music took more risks, suggesting that a few inspiring tunes could help you think outside the box at work, too.


Create a Cuter Workspace

While there’s probably not much you can do about the fluorescent lighting or the beige walls of your cubicle, you can make every workday more fun by livening up your workspace. Get a few succulents to spruce up your space, add some framed photos of your friends and family, or put up a few fun decorations that make your workspace feel like somewhere you actually want to be.


Swap Out Your Desk Chair

Sitting all day is doing no favors for our waistlines, our cardiovascular health, or our productivity. If you want to make your workday a whole lot more enjoyable, try swapping out your desk seat for an exercise ball instead. In fact, research suggests that using an exercise ball instead of a typical chair increases productivity among students. And what’s more fun than bouncing through your day?


Actually Take Your Lunch Break

If you’re eager to make your workday pass a whole lot faster, try taking every last second of your lunch break, for a change. Not only will taking your lunch break make the day seem significantly shorter, researchers found that taking breaks actually improves your focus.


Spice Up Your Office Wardrobe

Those same sad suits you’ve been wearing day after day probably aren’t your most confidence-inspiring clothes. The solution? Treat yourself to a few fun outfits that you feel great in and you’ll be happier, more confident, and more motivated to get the job done.


Engage in Some Friendly Workplace Competition

A little competition can go a long way when it comes to making your work more enjoyable. Ask your co-worker to see who can get their inbox empty fastest, see who can raise the most money for a charity, or make a friendly bet about who can get a project completed before it’s due—feeling like you’re up against your co-worker will make the day fly by.


Start a Charity Drive

Want to get your whole team inspired and make your workday more enjoyable? Try raising money for a charity together. Contributing to a charity with your co-workers is a great bonding activity and can help you stay motivated and on task as you work together to reach a common goal.


Track Your Tasks With a Productivity App

It can often feel like each day comes with an endless to-do list that you’re just barely chipping away at. But you can use a productivity app, like FocusList, Trello, or Evernote that can help you keep on task and give you a satisfying visual reward whenever you’ve checked off something from your to-do list.


Take Advantage of Work Outings

While those work outings your boss is always trying to get you to go on may seem corny, taking advantage of them may actually make your work life more enjoyable. Taking advantage of the things your boss offers you outside the office can help keep you motivated and eager to keep going back day after day.


Play a Harmless Prank

Work may not always be a thrill ride, but you can make it more fun by playing a few harmless pranks on your co-workers. Put up some funny photos in your co-worker’s cubicle (Nicolas Cage is always a winner), cover their desk in sticky notes, or simply rearrange their workspace in a non-disruptive way to make them giggle.

We know that these tips would help you have a more productive week with less stress. you can always come back here to share your experience in the comments section below. Always stay connected to Gbedustreet for the latest information and entertainment. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

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