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If you’re serious about song writing, you need to recognize when inspiration hits, and learn to nurture a sense of inspiration in your life. Winks

Inspiration is a tough thing to deal with as a creative person.
But there are ways to find inspiration.

In this article I’m going to share with you 6 ways you can find inspiration.

1. Listening to the best songs that you know:

Listening to songs that you like can help build a sense of inspiration around you..

2. Timing yourself

A sense of urgency can do wonders for inspiration.

3. Work from a theme:

Maybe, solemn or groovy, think of something for your track and you’ll find inspiration flowing.

4. Sleep on it

Let your subconscious deal with it over night

5. Travel:

Traveling somewhere can help boost your inspiration. Seeing new sights and hearing new songs…

6. Listening to all genres of music:

This can also help. Knowing what each genre is made up of, the kind of instruments used, the rhythm, beat and all can also help boost your inspiration.

That’s about that y’all. let’s know if this really helped by dropping your reactions and comments below.

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Written By Francess Smarty

Francess Smarty is a singer, song writer and one helluva writer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music and playing candy crush. She writes mostly on fictional stories, music tips and more

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