“I never chose Music, instead Music Chose me”- DynamiQ

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Gbedustreet’s in-house Diva- Francess Smarty, caught up with rave making and upcoming act – DynamiQ  and he spared some of his time to talk to us where he bared his mind on so many sundry and burning issues, especially as it concerns his career in the industry. This Lawyer turned musician, is one sound mind with so much to talk about.

He spoke on his inspiration, challenges and where he intends to be in the coming years; DynamiQ who just dropped a new banging single- Killer , truly impressed us during the course of this interaction- so sit back and relax as we bring our very own  Nas and Wavey Crooner- DynamiQ.

Gbedustreet: Good afternoon Sir, may we meet you?

DynamiQ: I am Mgbachi Kingsley Nnamdi aka DynamiQ . I’m a Nigerian, I hail from Ezeagu LGA in Enugu state
My hobbies are: Singing, reading and going on tours

Gbedustreet: What’s your inspiration?

DynamiQ: I was inspired by likes of 2pac, Bob Marley and Fela kuti

Gbedustreet: What inspired you into music?

DynamiQ: My greatest inspiration was my natural urge to spread positive vibes

Gbedustreet: Where were you before now?

DynamiQ: I lived with my mum and three of my siblings in awka before I relocated to Lagos in search of greener pastures just like every boy like me would.

Gbedustreet: Why did you choose music?

DynamiQ: (Chuckles) I chose music because(pauses) in fact music chose me because I already had it in me

Gbedustreet: How did you start?

DynamiQ: I started by learning drums at age 13 and proceeded to learn piano at age 16. Then I joined the church choir and later formed a clique with some guys in my neighborhood where we rap our written lines to ourselves.

Gbedustreet: What genre of music do you consider to be your work?

DynamiQ: Rap precisely, if my sound is not boxed, I can sometimes sing or do trap depending on my mood

But rap is my thing..

Gbedustreet: Who writes your song?

DynamiQ: I write my songs myself

Gbedustreet: What message do you intend passing to the world with your type of music?

DynamiQ: I want to spread positive vibes and show my youthful exuberance

Gbedustreet: What are your rehearsals generally like? Could you briefly describe the music making process?

DynamiQ: I allow the beat play for some few seconds, then I chip in some freestyles, write down write down some lyrics with meaning and then go on free styling
Afterwards, I sit down to compile every word , get into the booth and do my thing.As for making music- That’s a hard thing, but it involves rehearsals, recording, producing mastering, and releasing.

Gbedustreet: Do you train your voice?

DynamiQ: No, I don’t train my voice. I use mints for mild soothing before recording

Gbedustreet: Are you a member of any organization?

DynamiQ: No I’m not. I’m independent

Gbedustreet: How do you intend to better the industry with your style of music?

DynamiQ: Everyone who listens to my music should know that I have a message to pass. I try to break the use of vulgar language in music and by so doing I try to pass a message and I think if people should emulate this the industry would be Better

Gbedustreet: What is your challenge in the music industry?

DynamiQ: Funds has always been a challenge to fresher’s in the industry. Without proper funding upcoming artists can’t make wave into the industry. Its even difficult if your genre of music is hip hop/rap because people think its not worth it and that kills our dreams.

Gbedustreet: What do you like to do outside music that contributes to your musicality?

DynamiQ: Working to get more capital to invest in my music career.

Gbedustreet: What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

DynamiQ: I actually read law

Gbedustreet: How has your music life been so far?



DynamiQ: With the encouragements I’m getting I think my music life has more to offer and I still have a long way to go.

Gbedustreet: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

DynamiQ: I believe in positive imaginations. I see myself winning coveted awards,doing international collabs , signing a 3figure endorsement and releasing million songs.

Gbedustreet: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

DynamiQ: I’m not a popular figure but they can follow my social media handles,(FacebookTwitter and Instagram@DynamiQ9ja)

Gbedustreet: Do you have a website? A sample or song demo?

DynamiQ: No. I’ll be dropping a hit song on the 28th of September.

↓Download “Killer” by DynamiQ↓


Gbedustreet: Any final words or words of acknowledgement?

DynamiQ: I want to thank my friends and fans for believing in me and willing embarking on this journey with me and I promise never to let them down.


That’s it, you can let us know what you feel about this dude who has a message for the industry, by leaving your comments and reactions!

Written By Francess Smarty

Francess Smarty is a singer, song writer and one helluva writer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music and playing candy crush. She writes mostly on fictional stories, music tips and more

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