I’m The Master Of The After Party – Vic “O”

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For real Vic O is the master of the after party because the song brought him more to the limelight rising to the world to gain recognition, so Gouti’s question on Talk with a Star while in a conversation with Vic O reveal more about it.

Gouti : So we are talking about dropping song, ehmm there’s this your hit track, after party you know people don’t know that you’re the master of After Party yourself, the video for that song i think it got like over 500 hundred thousand view on youtube so how’d you feel about this ?

Vic O : My own channel is almost a million plus, i must tell you something Thats is why if you want to talk about the real after party, I’m the real creator of the real After Party, that is it way back i came with something very different, i recorded that song with one of my producer brought out the beat but to be honest with you i did that beat because the white people over there, they love anything that will put smile on there face so i did a video in a comic way, i made people laugh but i dont know it came out be something nice and everybody keep going there, the same thing throwing negative throwing positive comment, you know so there’s a period i put the video on private the fans from UK, they want to eat me raw, they where like wassup mehn what did you do that for ” I suspended them like for a while like 3 days” someone see me and say am i crazy bla bla bla, so i went back to remove it from private and they said yea now you’re coming so that is it.

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