Its Double Palaver as 2C Drops “Love for me and u” and “Trip”

by May 10, 2018New Releases

Coming on the heels of his sophomore effort “me and my nigga” , 2C hits the airwaves yet again with not one, but two hot Jamz that would get you reeling and whining all in the bid to get the feeling that these tunes packs.

The first track is tiled “Love for me and You” – here he uses his lover boy vocals to sing to the pleasure of the ladies with his assertion of pure and undiluted love:


↓Download Love for me and You By 2c↓

The second Track on this list is titled “Trip“: here he takes the tempo a little top notch with some screeching pitch mixed up in a high crescendo and dropped hot -Party style!

Trip is one helluva song, what I loved most about the song is the lyrics and how it syncs almost perfectly with the whole sound, it subtly forces you to either tap your feet or nod your head in agreement and in concord to the record in play. Again 2C shows his lyrical dexterity as he raps on making sure that you get to see his strength with words, laced with love and with some street icing all on the top!

You can feel this song “Trip” below to get a feel of what I am saying:


↓Download Trip by 2C↓

Both songs were Produced by Chris Zee and promises to help you get you freak on!

Let’s know  what you feel about this new effort from 2C baba in these hot new songs by dropping your comments and reactions. Don’t forget to share this to your friends and family as well, don’t be selfish by feeling these two songs alone.


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