It’s #ThrowbackThursday- 10 Old School Nigerian Hits to Savor

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Yes o! it’s ThrowBackThursday people and this day we will going back in time, back to the archives to serve you some of the biggest hits wayback.

However, we are going to be seriously conscious with out playlist, as we will be listing mainly reggae songs; some of us where not even born when these songs dominated airplays back in the day.

10. Time Waits for no one by Christie Essien Igbokwe

Whoa! we kick of this old school conscious playlist on a sad but elated note;sad because Aunty Christie is no more with us; elated because this track- Time waits for no one; is indeed one of the most invigorating word of advice one can give another.

The track resumes on a solemn note, with lyrics that make you wonder if today’s cats are just freestylers and not songwriters like it used to be way back. A song filled with inspiration, words of encouragement; granting you a sense of duty and feeling of contentment while you sink into its melody

9. Salute Jah by Rhymzo feat Tuface Idibia

Rhymzo enters this list with this praise song – Salute Jah featuring Tuface Idibia (2baba).

Rhymzo is one act that if he were around earlier could have been one of the icons in the reggae music genre, but unfortunately for this highly talented dude; he came pretty much at the wrong time when his likes are not truly appreciated. Notwithstanding- salute Jah is a superb piece and working with Tuface gave the track a feeling of novelty and appeal.

8. Jaga Jaga by Eedris Abdulkareem

Though Eedris has gone ahead to release another version of this song; the original version remains a classic, and I’m even surprised that it made the list of this conscious playlist and for the right reasons too.

Jaga Jaga is a track that its controversy and message will continue to reverberate especially at this times when our nation is in need of that person with the original change, someone not ethnically divided that will help heal this nation.

7. Under Pressure by Ras Kimono

The late Icon who passed on last year 2018, truly bequeathed a legacy through his music, that listening to this track again – Under Pressure; gives me goose bumbs. You won’t wrong Ras, he was indeed a sage, a seer who kinda like saw through the crystal ball, even as the nation sits on a precipice.

Under Pressure is a song that takes you through time, giving you the sense of reawakening and strong purpose to keep dreaming.

6. Obaro by Evi Edna Ogholi

This song assumes a conscious twist, however Obaro is more of a love song, a story of sort told by Evi Edna Ogholi in her native Urhobo language; make so mistake- this song reminds you of the good old days when we still had performers who had a heart for the biz

5. Tribulation by Oritz Williki

This former PMAN boss truly held sway in the 90’s, releasing one hit track after another; and Tribulation is one of such.

The track heralds the strength Conscious music held during that era; The lyrics here are pretty top notch, and the delivery so sophisticated and overly evergreen

4. Afrikans Keep your Culture by Majek Fashek

The Rainmaker himself- Majek Fashek gives some timely advise to African in this song – Afrikans Keep your culture; especially this times the African culture, values and tradition has been sadly relegated to the background in place of Western and occidental view.

I mean when you listen to this track you’d be like “Hey Majek, are you Nostradamus?”

3. Rise to the Top by the Mandators

The Mandators comprising of Victor Essiet and wife Peggy used to be one of the most successful reggae group; and on that strength they release a plethora of big hit albums comprising of this track – Rise to the Top

The song is a call to serve, and I’m quite dazed at the prophetic lyrics embedded in this piece of music. The message in this song still stands to this day.

2. Rat Race by the Mandators

Again the Mandators takes another spot on our Throwback Thursday conscious rhymes with yet another banger of a single – Rat Race

Rat Race symbolizes the need to stay strong in the midst of despair,and what better time to reminisce this song if not now Nigeria is having one of the most trying times ever. It speaks on the hopelessness of African as imperialism returns.

1. One Love by Onyeka Onwenu

At this time of our history, One Love by the Elegant Stallion- Onyeka Onwenu should be the track played across every divide. The Nigerian nation has been bedeviled by so much ethnic distrust, nepotism, wide spread killing, state sponsored terror, wars and rumor of war.

Let’s do ourselves some good by joining Aunty Onyeka to sing the hook

one love keep us together.. living in a world struggling to stay alive…

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Thanks for stopping by and do not forget to leave us with a comment; let us know if we missed any of your favorite songs on this list, and if we did, I bet you we’d include it next time.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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  1. Adelegan adewale

    Thank you so much for having evi Edna obaro music. I have been searching for this old school music for more ten years, I am really happy .

    • chinemere onuekwusi

      Oh dear, Adelagun Adewale; of course

  2. Adelegan adewale

    Pls if u can send evi Edna jelouse music to me i will really happy .I really need the music too


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