It’s #TunesTuesday- Top 10 Alternative Afro Pop Nigerian Songs

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Yeah It’s #TunesTuesday, and to bring to your listening pleasure and entertainment- we present to you Top ten Nigerian Alternative Pop Sound currently enjoying massive airplay allover the nation.

Top Ten Alternative pop/Folk Nigerian Music

Alternative Afro Pop/Folk used to be a genre that is more appealing only to a sophisticated audience; but that is truly changing and the songs below will attest to this assertion.

So join me below as we treat you to a beautiful recipe of cool and sensually appealing Alternative Afro Pop Nigerian Songs.

10. No be me by Brymo

Coming off his Oṣó Album, former Chocolate city ace- Brymo, comes back to stake his place in the game with this Alternative folk sound he calls- No be Me.

A conscious track that talks about the ills of society and the default mode of the globe in accepting these ills as the norm, and not committing to making that reform, especially when the power to effect that desired change is literally in our hands.

No Be me is a very clean, slow, temperamental and concise rendition that is so soothing and subtly gets to you, giving you that comfort and empathy that comes with listening to good music.

9. Love you anyway by Rik Hassani

Ric Hassani is undoubtedly one of the coolest dudes in the Nigerian Music industry. He could be likened to every lady’s man any day. Aside having a well sculpted physique, Ric is blessed with one of the best sonorous voices you can come across in the biz. This superb single- Love You Anyway, a love song that warms the soul, sets Ric in the right pedestal, a star that will stay lit for a long time in the Nigerian Music Scenes.

Love you Anyway is one masterpiece that sets the Alternative pop genre on fire since its release; and it is truly a wonderful piece of work,

8. I dun care by Simi

Simi since her fairy tale and Cinderella marriage to fellow singer- Adekunle Gold, is kinda like her creative juices has been flowing unstopping. You’ll bet she was struck by Cupids arrow, taking note of her releases- and I dun care is just one of such.

A love song where the singer expresses her love for her man regardless of any clear or perceived inhibitions.

7. Uyo Meyo by Teni

Teni is truly the rave of the moment since the release of her monster single- Askamaya; she went to release this monster single and hit –Uyo Meyo; a powerful and well rendered song that lays bare the struggles of this Amazon beauty in her bid to be one of the most sought after song birds in the biz.

6. Serenade by Funbi

Funbi since his ascendancy in the game has continued to showcase his dexterity as far as the alternative Afro pop gene is concerned. Here you get to feel his new single titled- Serenade.

Serenade is a love song that takes you through the labyrinth paved with empathy, beauty, serenity and love. You’ll truly sink and live in the moment, as Funbi serenades his woman with this beautiful and well sung romantic song, a food to the soul, some will say!

5. Be my Man by Asa

We go back in time as we bring this love song to your notice yet again. Here, Asa once again reminds us of what we know her for- Good Music; Be my Man is a wonderful track that makes you reminisce what love is all about. albeit delivered in racy tones to the delight of the listener

Be my man is one of the hit tracks contained in Asa’s Beautiful Imperfection Album; a love song with deep and well thought out lyrics, coupled with a sublime delivery and wonderful transitions.

You’ll get to go on your feet to merrily dance to this wonderful tune from the best Musician from this part of the globe- ASA

4. Arike Lomo by Odunlade Adekola

Odunlade Adekola after making his mark as the best Actor in the Yoruba Movie scenes,decides to show his fans another unexplored side of him- Music

Arike Lomo is a love song where you get to feel the sonorous baritone voice of this thespian cum musician. A song that’ll serenade the ladies, whet their appetite and get them in the romantic mood.

Odunlade Adekola has truly shown his love for the arts, and inculcating music to his kitty and winning strings, places him the level of legends, and our profound respect goes to him!

3. Dangote by Burna Boy

With Gbona still dominating the Nigerian Music Chart, Burna Boy never rested on his oars as he jumps in and now out of the studio with this Alternative funk piece he titles- Dangote (after Africa’s richest man).

Dangote is a song of epic proportions with pure and undiluted lyrics, it celebrates hardwork and commitment and Burna yet again gives his fans another piece to reel and love over! – hmm!thatta boy!

2. Before you wake up by Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold became love frenzy after settling down with fellow song Bird – Simi, and these two are at it. Releasing hit after hit since their fairy tale wedding. Before You wake is a love song, one quite appealing and sensually arousing.

Before you wake up is a song he dedicates to his beau, a liturgy of love, filled with the synergy only resplendent of a man truly in love like our man – Adekunle Gold, what more can we say- Simi is one lucky and beautiful woman to have a man with a heart of Gold like Kunle!

1. Keys by 9ice

9ice takes the number one spot in our list of the best Nigerian Alternative Afro pop Music with this powerful piece he calls- Keys

A song done both in English as well as Yoruba, a beautiful piece that affords him the luxury of professing his love to his woman, regarding her as his kokoro (keys in English); to his heart.

That is it people, don’t forget to drop your comments below, tell us if you loved it or was there any omission or better still just give a thumbs up for this, we’d greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Kingsley

    The Best Afro pop songs on the Lists should be
    (1) ASA =Be my Man
    (2) Teni = Uyo Meyo
    (3) Ric Hassani =Love U anyway.
    (4) Funbi=Serenade
    (5)Simi= I don care
    (6)Adekunle Gold= Before U wake up
    (7) Brymo..
    (8) Burna Boy= Dangote
    (9) Keys = 9ice
    (10) by the Actor turned musician..Lol

    • chinemere onuekwusi

      Yes so my brother Kingsley, well I love the order you got this rearranged! dope men and thanks for the comment!


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