Itz Double “gbege” as Legacy Ice Drops “DANCE” & “Bad Lover”

by Sep 26, 2018Afro pop, Dancehall, Funk, Root Rock

Legacy Ice is an ace singer and super talented vocalists with a sonorous voice and heart of a poet, you could feel the intensity of his vibes as he drops two bangers “Dance” and Bad Lover; two superb sounds that sends this well endowed dude many leagues ahead as he transcends the length and breath of the industry, especially with the dearth of good Artistes.


↓Download “Dance” by Legacy Ice↓

Dance is a well rendered and superb sound , so vigorous especially as the rhythm cascades down, arousing your sensuality as you invariably flow with Legacy Ice in a display so tight and well orchestrated. I really loved the intro, not forgetting how he dropped the hook. So beautifully done, that you won’t know when you unconsciously join in the chorus, hear him:

“…I like d way u dance…no no…gat ….no no…”

Mad jam I must confess, one meant for the ladies, suitable as a club banger and all merry making occasions, one other thing that caught the attention of my auditory lobes was the beautiful infusion of the flute, then the accompanying rock beat and superb vocal delivery that ensued, forcing you to the dance floor, with Legacy Ice complimenting the females for the usage of their endowments to the amusement of the World! phew!

The track was produced by okisda beats-and I must confess he did a pretty impressive work getting all the sounds, tempo, beats and of course the top notch vocals blended perfectly, all together and in harmony.

↓Download “Dance” by Legacy Ice↓

Bad Lover:

↓Download “Bad Lover” by Legacy Ice↓

Bad lover assumes on a more slow and conscious mood and tends to keep you immersed in its rhythm and pretty steady beats, I kinda loved the infusion of ragga to the whole mix, especially as Legacy Ice screams – BOOM!!!

I really enjoyed its slow pace and conscientious beats that characterized the performance, then the deep voice that Legacy Ice adorns, and bad boy mien he enlists too, giving him some street cred & appeal, notwithstanding the extremity of the genre, which could be classified as Funk and Root Rock, with some afro contemporary rhythm that complements the use of ganja styled tone and slang to parse his message.

Bad Lover was produced by beatkiller– and I daresay, he truly killed the beat to the amazement of all!

↓Download “Bad Lover” by Legacy Ice↓

Final Thoughts:

Both efforts truly brought this multi talented singer to the fore, and places him top, amongst music royalty, I encourage all fans of afro pop/Root Rock/Contemporary Afro to go feel both tracks by downloading and of course sharing this hot double recipe of musical expression as delivered by our boy Legacy Ice.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and reaction, as they are highly regarded and appreciated, thanks for stopping by!

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