Jay Dappa Freestyles in “Bounce”

by Jul 1, 2018Naija hip hop

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Jay Dappa is another one of Naija’s finest Trap/Hip-Hop Kings lacing his lyrical vibes in the Naija-hop genre and showcases his lyrical dexterity in this freestyle session he regards as –“Bounce”

Trap music is assuming an interesting twist as far as the industry is concerned and hardcore practitioners like Jay Dappa are truly raising the flag of this genre high and you could easily feel that in Bounce, a track filled with invectives, hot in every regard,filled with punch lines that could erase the dumbness in a man who can’t speak.

The speed of delivery and the wordings employed in this song shows that we still have abundance of true hardcore rap aficionados doing their thing in the industry.

Bounce is a song which would attract the X-rating, with so much NSFW  lines that could cause some concerns for the censors board but ironically thrill and entertain true apostles of Hip Hop, I specifically loved the fastness the song resumes on and I’d give some kudos to Jay Dappa for the originality of his lyrics, one can easily see that he’s blessed with the heart of a poet. Imagine rap verses arranged in profound narratives.

The track was produced by Krx(king Ryno X), who took the song to the listener making use of clean and well synced beats, raising the pitch of the song and blending it deep with every other extras that makes the song all trap!

This song is one for all adherents of hip hop with special appreciation for trap, and I daresay Bounce is a song that deserves some attention- so go download, listen and share!

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