Jaydee makes his Rap Debut in “Hard”

by Jul 24, 2018Naija hip hop

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Jaydee is a fourteen year old lyricists making this helluva entry into the rap game; and he does so spitting some deep trap wordings in this debut solo he calls – “HARD” a song that takes him closer to hip hop royalty, especially in an industry whose entry level is becoming rather difficult.

Hard is a song that resumes on a soft laid back tone, delivered smoothly and mashed in a beat that tells a trap story as being enunciated by this kid with so much wordiness and poetic vibes. Jaydee, surprisingly jumps on this track albeit young to understand what rhyming pattern and bars are in rap, but he held his own in the duration of this rap rendition quite superbly.

Jaydee is still a green horn in the game, and some kudos goes to his management – onDuty Notions, for packaging him and unleashing him to the world as we watch out for this kid that’d grow into a lyrical Godzilla in a few years to come.

Hard was produced by self-styled beat-boy – H Cahsem ,whose signatory and well orchestrated production takes this song many leagues to compete favorably with the very best of chart-topping hip-hop releases both home and away. I loved the use of symphonic undertones, mixed over a tempo and pitch that syncs perfectly with the lyrics and vocals. Once again H Cahsem brings his production ingenuity and creativity to the fore; while Jaydee makes the best of this through his sublime delivery!

Nice solo effort by Jaydee and I urge y’all to go check out this debut trap effort by this newest rap kid on the block who “wants to make his mum proud…”

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