Jeffy Brown drops New Single- “Oil”

by Sep 15, 2017New Releases

Jeff Brown- oil

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Well I bet this hot new sound from fast rising crooner Jeffy Brown titled – “Oil”should get you started especially if you are a lover of slow afro tunes.

The song was produced by S Blingz and mixed by Dan Jiggy. A song meant for the streets with not too jam packed lyrics that syncs sublimely with the background hook.

This jam got all the juice typical of every contemporary Naija sound, I believe it could get this dude deeper mainstream appeal and recognition, (even if I think artists needs to work more on their lyrical strength to add more meaning to their songs).

Notwithstanding, Oil  is a song worth listening to and adding it to your playlist is simply no bad an idea.

Production wise, I think S Blingz and Dan Jiggy did a good job producing and subsequently mixing this song to the delight of all Jeffy Brown fans.

So you can just follow the link below to download this hot jam, and don’t forget to drop your comments and reactions, lets know what y’all think about this song.

Also avail yourself of the social media buttons to share it to your friends and even your enemies- sorry just kidding!

[easy_media_download url=”https://storage.googleapis.com/mygbedustuffs/2017/09/794f58cd-jelly-brown.mp3″ text=”Download” force_dl=”1″]

Written By Kris Phils

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