Jonzing- Abednego Norris feat H Cahsem

by Sep 5, 2017New Releases

Abednego Norris feat HCahsem- Jonzing

Jonzing finally drops!

The first Blind and sensational Freestyle King and hip hop aficionado – the one and only Abednego Norris drops this hot sound titled Jonzing, featuring self-styled Beat Boy cum producer H Cahsem (who did the background hook).

Jonzing is a contemporary Afro-hop song with a rich and well filtered sound that blends with a high pitched note syncing perfectly with the lyrics in a rather sublime and creative way!

It brings out the inner genius in Abednego as he thrills you in his signature laid-back rhyming style, dropping his flow quite calmly, while telling you a story that keeps you yearning for more!

The unending flow filled with rhetorics and punchlines gives you some sense of nostalgia!

Download Jonzing By Abedneg Norris↓

This hot track like I stated earlier was produced by the Magic Fingers himself and self-styled Beat Boy- H Cahsem; who combined hip-hop, Afro-hop and a rich mixture of  Naija flavaed  harmonies,  to cook this sound to the delight of all Abednigo fans!

I truly loved the background hook with H Cahsem in a subtle and almost inaudible voice, chanting jonzing!

Production wise I’d say the producer H Cahsem showed some of his hardcore stuff and street cred as he takes the crescendo of this song to a height that gets to the listener, without any form of distraction. This is what I call genius!

Once again, Abednego proves that being impaired does not take away the creativity in you, as he opens his inner mind and mental strength to redefine what Naija hip-hop is all about!

Jonzing is one of his many efforts, and it promises to catapult Abednego Norris to lyrical relevance in the scheme of things especially as it concerns the Nigerian Music Scene!

Don’t hesitate to listen and download and share this hot track, and make sure you got your dancing shoes on as you get your freak on!

Lets know what you feel about this track as Abednego Norris makes his debut with Jonzing by dropping your comments and reactions!

↓Download Jonzing By Abedneg Norris↓

Written By Kris Phils

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