Khaylex ft Tosmart in “Back in the Days”

by Dec 25, 2018Afro pop, International

Straight outta the Volta region of Ghana comes this new kid on the block with sauce and vocal ingenuity- Khaylex, in this new afro rhythmic tune he calls- Back in the days, and features fellow vocalist- Tosmart in a song that chronicles the struggles and upheavals of going atop.

Back in the days is a pure afro pop tune that resumes on a rather racy note and stays so in the course of its delivery.

Khalex did a cool job employing well layered contemporary lyrics that suite the theme of the song; I loved the beautiful transitions the duo employed, especially Tosmart who did one helluva job with the superb backup he gave the former.

Back in the days was produced by charismatic producer and vocalist per excellence-Loco de la Cruz; who made sure he employed the right tone, pitch and beats to give the track a sublime finish.

I believe these kids have a lot more to deliver to the industry, and their seventeen year old talents can be nurtured into greatness if they continue at this pace. So I encourage y’all to go feel the beauty and intensity of this tune.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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