Kheedy Soars high in “Konnect”

by Oct 26, 2018Afro Fusion

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Kheedy is a talented upcoming act with swag, attitude and street cred; strutting his stuff in the Afro fusion genre of the industry. He drops the vocals for this beautiful and superb piece and titles it – Konnect , a track that takes you through the labyrinth of struggles and eventual success.

The track resumes on a steady and soft tempo, dropped with profound Afro sounds and rhythm with Kheedy flowing deep as he sings sonorously, tapping to the harmonics this track is enmeshed in. I truly loved how he held out, with well orchestrated lyrics and lovely transitions that will keep you enlivened as he sings so profoundly; albeit slowly but surprisingly steady.

The song was produced by Nolly Griffin who did quite an awesome job making a combo of Afro sounds blended deep in pure naija flavored beats and rhythm, delivered smoothly and quite impressively too, one so pleasant to auditory perception of the listener; suitable for all ages and everyone who loves this kinda music.

Kheedy is an act waiting in the ranks to show the world and the industry that he’s got what it takes to take the Afro fusion genre to global heights.
I urge y’all fans and lovers of good Afro styled music, to go feel this piece even as you get Konnect-ed to the essence and creative ingenuity embedded in this rendition.

↓Download “Konnect” by Kheedy↓

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