Kingstainz Narrates A True Story in “Daniel”

by Jul 3, 2018Naija hip hop

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Kingstainz brings the art of story Telling to Naija Hip hop (which is the exclusive of rap legends like Nas and Slick Rick), and he does that Trap style in this true life narration he titles –Daniel“.

Daniel is a song that talks about the life dealings and daily ordeal the young boy “Daniel” had to persevere through to survive especially considering his background that was riddled with violence, that saw him growing up without parents. An unfortunate scenario that influenced his life’s decision and prodded him into pilfering, gang banging and I mean- he just lost it.

Then as the story continues, Daniel decides to change and all of a sudden he vanishes and goes up in smoke, keeping everybody in limbo as to his whereabouts. I must concede here that not being a true fan of TrapKingstainz gets my nod here, as he took time to arrange this narration in a manner that takes you deep into the whole story. Making you imagine you are reliving the experience.

This is classic hip hop delivered with so much gusto and dexterity, filled with good narratives and overly arranged to give you a true picture of the theme of the whole song.

The track was produced by HLBAKS BEAT, then mixed and mastered by ABIRI, and I daresay that the song was created with nice beats raised through a pitch and tempo that’s nerve soothing and subtle. It takes away the edginess the song boasts of and helps the listener concentrate on the story, even while nodding your head in appreciation of the poetic verses laced in trap. 

Here Kingstainz also showcases his vocal talent as he choruses in nice tones”…Daniel Daniel, young nigg* hope you living right…young danny where you at?…”

I hereby inaugurate Kingstainz to join the others in my elite guard of hip hop warriors I regard as The Renaissance . The song I must confess is not meant for the weak hearts, but those who appreciate hip hip not just as an art, but a culture.

So to those who enjoy this genre, I urge y’all to go download, listen, love, honor and share this hot lyrical work of art!

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