Kiss Daniel go Old School in new Single – Yeba

by Sep 19, 2017New Releases

Kiss Daniel remains one of the top force in the industry as he continues to reinvent himself in varied genres, and this time he decided to drop some old school type-vibe titled “Yeba”.

The song kinda reminds you of some oldies like Rex Lawson and their likes; one thing I so loved about the song is its sound setup and the use of traditional instruments like the flute which gave it some novelty and uniqueness.

Yeba is quite concise and tells you a love story albeit funny from what can be easily deduced from the lyrics and all that.

Kiss Daniels, coming on the heels of his recent outbursts and fights on social media, drops Yeba to let his fans know that aside being the top Dog in G Worldwide,  he is still the dude with the lyrics and the song!

So what do you think about the song?

Lets know what you think by dropping your comments and reactions via the comments section and don’t forget to share this song to your peeps too as they vibrate to this seventies-type Afro sound!

→Download↓ Yeba↵

Written By Kris Phils

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