Lagos State to shutdown!

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It has been declared that all lagosians should stay home till further notice, the Governor made this declaration on the 24th of March 2020.

So all we should be doing is stay home no going out wash hands 24/7 drink enough warm water 

Eat Enough fruit that contains high quality in water. The use of sanitizers 

According to him, “I urgently call on African industrialists to temporarily convert their manufacturing process for the production of face masks, hand sanitisers, and ventilators to protect Africans from the Coronavirus.‬

Europeans, Americans, and others who usually give medical and financial aid to Africans are themselves overwhelmed by this pandemic.

It is time for Africans to help themselves. I also call on African celebrities to resist the urge to flaunt their affluence on social media. If you have too much money, don’t flaunt. Silently donate to stop #COVID19″

Pls stay safe and declare yourself 

Coronavirus free

Convid-19 #Staysafe #Lagos #Gbedustreet #WHO #Hope

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