Laja Boy Serenades the Ladies in “My Angel”


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Laja Boy once again adorns his lover boy swag and mien as he drops yet another slow tempo love song and calls this- “My Angel” a song that once again features the pon-pon sound as its signatory beat.

Just like he did in “Only One” though fast in the latter, he made good use of his vocals to make the sound quite penetrable to the hardest of hearts in a subtle and sublime manner, without contradicting the message of the song.

As more and more pon-pon sound advocates makes a case for the beat in the industry, I foresee Laja Boy and perhaps the producer- Aguboss, utilize this sound creation in making songs that will stand the test of time, and My Angel could just be the song to make that happen.

This track’s slow rhythm makes it a song suitable for any listener who’s in the mood for some cool and soft music with few lines as lyrics but dope sound for more entertainment. Nice effort from Laja Boy.

Just ensure you download, listen and of course share this new cool effort from your boy; don’t hesitate to let us know what you think by dropping your comments and reaction below.

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