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Hey there, do you know that 80 percent of successful people in the world are leaders?
Well we would have to come to that later, I trust that you had a wonderful weekend

I know there’s alot of things on your mind. From the issue of the lockdown to how the pandemic has affected so many things around you.

Here is a secret, some people are still well to do even if this lockdown stays for a longer period. Why? Because they have gotten to a certain level of success.

Just so you know, success is not by having all the millions, it’s by having very reliable assets.

So today we are talking about a very vital topic when it comes to success of any kind. We are talking about leadership.

Everybody wants to be that boss but only a few are willing to serve. Service isn�t what you have had in your mind during your growing up days.

You are born with something or so many things. Matter of fact an average person can do at least two things very well to the point of success.

Let’s take a look at some key points on the path of leadership.


Discovery is the starting point for everyone that is aspiring to be a leader. In his book DESTINY, T.D Jakes said find out where you belong and determine how to get there.

Truth is that most of us aspiring to attain some heights are just following behind someone who is there already or nearly there.

If you haven’t discovered who you are, who you are meant to be, life would just be there rolling by daily as you struggle to be who you are not.

Imagine having Wizkid become a footballer, no matter how much he trains he would eventually struggle through but in his music career, he is breaking grounds.

It is said that you can’t give out what you don’t have. How do you lead when you don’t even know what you are doing there in the first place?

How do you make impacts if you are yet to be convinced on where you are going to?

This is why leadership mantles can’t be given to children and when I say children, I am talking about the mindset.

So sit down, look inward, think. I once met a young lady who is actually good in acting but was having plans of doing something else because she was yet to understand what she had inside.

So search it out, it might take you sometime, longer or shorter periods but in the end, you will know when you hit it.

A pig and sheep might fall into the mud but only one of them would be comfortable there. Let’s move over to the next.


So you might be in this category. Yes you know what you have inside of you, perhaps you can sing, act, write, speak, teach, maybe fight. that one self dey

anyways, you know what you got and then you are looking for the next audition to attend, you are looking for the best studio to record your new song, you are looking for a chance to stand before an audience of 500 people and speak some words but hey, calm down.

Talents are raw and meant to be refined. Nobody pours oil and raw rice and raw pepper and tomatoes with seasonings and begins to eat without cooking them. These are some ingredients for the naija jollof rice but it can only be called a meal when cooked.

Don’t serve your talents raw. Work on them, even if you can’t become perfect on your own but let it be that you are refined to a certain level before putting it out there.

As expensive as crude oil is, it is barely of any use until it becomes refined into fuel, gas, kerosene, desiel and more.

So you want to be like Aliko Dangote in business but you have not trained yourself with petty businesses. Do you want to know a secret? e concern you if you want or not I will still say it, smiles

Okay, this is it; the reason why they say start small is so that you can gather enough experience to handle the big scale.

Some youths are just waiting for that multi million naira deal to drop so that they can start up the business big and have their big office and employ workers and be a boss overnight.

It is said that a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Let your little drops be in your training now and by the time you get that slight chance you are ready to break the jinx.

As an aspiring leader, how many books on leadership have you read? How many leadership traits do you possess?

Pastor Jonah Nebe said if you are a leader, what makes you my leader? that is, what do you have that should make me your follower?
Be open to training and learning because these are what prepare you.


We come to the final part of this article, service is the major part where we are slow to respond to and this is because most of us have a wrong insight on what it means to serve.

Late Dr Myles Monroe said to serve means to give out your fruit.

He used the illustration of a tree to make this explanation. First off, if you don’t have fruits you can’t serve and men are only drawn to trees that offer something.

Even the bible talks about a branch that is not productive being cut off.
Be eager to serve men, be eager to give out, always have something to give out.

Trees don’t go to men, men go to trees but here’s the logic; when men come to a tree and find nothing, they don’t come back again and when a tree stops producing it is cut down.

After discovering your potentials and building them, the next thing is to serve. Only those that have something to give remain relevant in this world.

Successful leaders aren’t just figure heads, they are builders, they are the ones that go through the struggles for the followers to have a path to follow.

If you are to leave your name upon the sands of time, we are expecting more than your explanations of how good a leader you are.

Leaders are know by their lifestyles. They might be playful but in the midst of all that, they still lead.

Ramsey Nouah was able to sell his movie living in bondage to a big movie industry like Netflix because he produced an outstanding movie.

We need more than good, because leaders are always ahead and on top. What do you have to serve that can keep you ahead? We are going to deal on this topic more and we would be having more insights on this.

For some more information on leadership, read DESTINY by T.D Jakes and LEADERSHIP by Dr Myles Monroe. Have a blissful week and happy new month to you.

This is Gbedustreet, we got you covered and informed.

©Ultimate Akpenyi

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