Legendary Lagbaja (back in da days on Gbedustreet)

Today being Thursday is another awesome day here on the gbedustreet corner.

We bring you something different today, we bring you the legendary Naija masked artist, LAGBAJA.

According to Òpátàmèdù (pronounced Òpá tàmèdù), his mask is used as an identity . Tàmèdù is a Yoruba word that means “nobody in particular”. And the Òpá identifies Talking Drum Stick. He deprived from an icon called Lágbájá. And named himself Òpátàmèdù as a symbol of being majorly an African Traditional performing artist that based mostly on African Talking drums.

Lagbaja who is widely known for his hit song KONKO BELOW is a very creative and versatile artist and musician. Today we celebrate his legendary Music art which has gone far and wide.

Here are 5 of his top songs

Never far away –

Skentele Skontolo –

Konko Below –

Gra Gra –

Did i? –

Lagbaja is one artist that blends in his baritone voice and makes a whole new creative sound with the traditional drum beats.

We hope you enjoyed the Legendary artist LAGBAJA!

Stay connected as we bring you more entertaining vibes and yes STAY SAFE!

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