Lexxy Drops it Hot in “Focus”

by Jul 3, 2018Naija hip hop

↓Download “Focus” by Lexxy↓

Lexxy is a one hardcore racy and dope lyricist who takes trap to a whole new level and shows his versatility in this solo effort of his he calls -“FOCUS

Focus is a song dropped over fast beats and high energy and quick flows, with a unique fast rapping technique that leaves you in awe and bewilderment of the lyrical strength and dexterity of Lexxy, in this breath taking rap delivery.

The song’s about staying real to the hustle; one thing I loved about this high octane delivery is Lexxy‘s ability to stay focused amidst the fast rap session he involves himself in, then meandering through the bars poetically and even combining Pidgin and English in the process; then packing the entire lyrics with punch rhymes and metaphors that will make even Nostradamus shudder in his grave.

The track was produced by Tobylee and mixed by Smartp in a manner that sees the duo combining their deft touches and ability to align the song with the right tempo, blended in pure Naija flava and finished Trap style.

For all Trap music buffs, this song is worth making it to your play-list, so go download, listen and share and sing along with our boy Lexxy as he vibrates “…making the nigg* the focus…making the shorty the focus…”

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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