Lil Phemzy Keeps the hustle on in “Ori mi”

by Jan 11, 2019Afro pop

From the stables of Croatian based label, Chromag Entertainment, comes this Afro pop sound from fast rising star- Lil Phemzy, and he calls this one Ori mi: (my head-translated thus in Yoruba).

The track resumes on a rather catchy tone, with Lil Phemzy stepping up and getting the attention of the listener with his sonorous voice and singing all delivered in his native Yoruba language.and a hook dropped in pidgin.

Ori mi is an inspirational track that sees our boy Lil Phemzy enlisting both vocals and top notch lyrics to tell a compelling story of his rise through the rungs, breaking through odds and establishing new grounds as far as his interest is concerned.

You could feel the intensity of the sound, slowly cascading and getting you into to mood to dance and savor the rhythm. Even as you get deep into the story and theme of the song; one so profound, confounding, surreal and overly entertaining.

The track was produced by Kentee Beatz, then mixed and mastered by Wizard Mix; for Chromag Entertainment.

Lil Phemzy who’s is signed under the aforementioned label, truly lived up to his billings, thrilling fans of this genre on end. I urge y’all fans to hit the download button, then share, love and enjoy this beautiful musical piece.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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