Lil Phemzy unleashes his Lyrical Monster in “Egungun (Masquerade)”

by Oct 1, 2018Afro pop, Naija hip hop

→Download “Egungun “(New Masquerade) by Lil Phemzy↓

Lil Phemzy is still one of the few hardcore vernacular spitting Mcs in the game, especially as hip hop gets more commercial with the proliferation of whack rappers with no game. He makes some lyrical impression with this track he calls – “EGUNGUN (Masquerade)”  a track that sees our boy taking his hardcore persona a little extreme. Spitting punch rhymes with impact that will hit you like a double barreled firepower, all delivered raw & hot in Yoruba.

EGUNGUN (Masquerade) is a track that resumes quite animatedly with vibratory tones that kinda resonates the vocals, albeit subtle, but still strong enough for its impact to be felt. You could also feel the intensity of the lyrics, and some sound additives in the mode of gunshots and ricochet; all taking center stage and granting this track a semblance or real gangsta stuff enmeshed in appeal, while conveying a message of his strength in dropping hot vibes.

The title of the track which translates to Masquerade, further gives the listener especially those with a love for this genre, something to revel over. Even as Lil Phemzy hangs on, not changing course; then I loved the hook, not forgetting the countenance of the rapper, who’s still getting grips with some soft core infusion enlisted in the whole mix.

EGUNGUN was produced by Nobledhayjay, ina track that is a complete departure of the norm, I expertly loved the perfect transitions that makes it quite an expression, one worth your listen. Ensure you take some time to feel the tirade of lyrics and vocals all from the stables of the former. Then some kudos to Lil Phemzy who held on till the end, entertaining and reeling out sounds that truly rock!

I encourage all those who appreciate this kinda music to go feel it by downloading and of course sharing it as it lyrically strikes through you! sending spasms through you, leaving you reeling for more.

→Download “Egungun “(New Masquerade) by Lil Phemzy↓

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