Loco de la cruz Birthday blues in “FIRE”

by Apr 23, 2020Afro pop

fire by Loco de la cruz

Loco de la Cruz gifts his fans and lovers of his music with this new single to mark his birthday he calls – Fire .

Fire is a romantic song that lights up the whole place, even as your boy Loco, takes you through the journey of love. Hear him passionately professing his love, birthday style, in this superb novel hit.

Fire is another effort that once again brings the innate talent and sublime vocal abilities of the Crush & Ife re crooner , that has earned him international exposure and collaborations as clearly seen in the joints- Shuga , special one & unconditional luv with Canadian Rapper Mlow official.  

Not forgetting his recent collaboration with Gbedustreet and Gouti on Duty in – Magic

The track was mixed and mastered by Loco, who took the sound beyond the acoustic realm we know to a sound that bores all the beauties of the Afro pop culture we celebrate in this part of the globe.

Fire by Loco de la cruz is surely a song that should dominate your quarantine playlist, a song that qualifies as a birthday gift even as we wish him a super duper birthday.

What are y’all waiting for, hit the download button belowet get the streaming numbers up while wishing Loco de la cruz a momentous and happy womb escape day!

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