Loco de la Cruz Sweetens it in “SHUGA” feat Mlow Official

by Jan 17, 2019Afro pop, International

The duo of Loco de la Cruz and Canadian bad ass lyricist- Mlow Official;once again sets the new year lyrically ablaze with this hot and banging single, and they titled this one- Shuga.

True to his lover boy persona, Loco de la Cruz starts this rendition on a rather sublime and scintillating mode, bringing his lover boy mien to reign allover the track like cherry dipped in ice. Before Mlow Official sweetens the deal with his top notch and well layered lyrics.

I truly loved the romantic words and phrases Loco employed- all delivered in pidgin English. Then Mlow Official surprisingly makes the much awaited crossover after imbibing so much Naija flavas by doing some poetic verses in pidgin too, all to the shock & excitement of his fans and lovers of this genre of Afro pop and rhythmic blues.

The track was produced by Loco himself, and like he did in hot tracks like Crush, Bewude and Special One where he features Mlow official too; you’d get treated to a potpourri of superb tones, blended raw and beautifully in naija contemporary harmonics.

Loco de la Cruz and Mlow Official has truly struck some unexplained and wonderful Afro/North American chemistry, and each time they hook up in the studio, trust me, it is always something popping and extremely hot, and Shuga was really no exception.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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