Loco Serenades her in “Crush”

by Jul 14, 2018Afro pop

↓DownloadCRUSH” BY Loco↓

Loco is one lover boy who understands the language and phrase that accompanies Love and you can feel that in this melodious track he titles – “CRUSH” a song with a profound love theme and message.

CRUSH is an indigenous and well crafted Afro-pop tune that speaks of love and commitment. A song delivered with well layered lyrics and a symphony of tunes that could swing both as a party banger as well as a song for the lovebirds to get their freak on. I specifically loved the rather bold lyrics that LOCO employed to convey his love message to his “Crush” ,and one truly got my attention and got me cracking and reeling at the same time, hear him :

“… I de crush on you my baby…if u mess e de smell like perf to me…” damn! that was deep!

The track took a rather quick rhythm, resuming with beats that sync well, then dropped with a mix and blend of fine harmonics that subtly grabs the attention of the listener and gently makes you hit the dance floor while nodding your head in agreement to the tunes, tempo, beats as well as the daring lyrics that characterized the whole song.

Crush was produced by DJ Smith, then mixed and mastered by Loco himself (who doubles as a vocalist and songs producer). One thing that keeps you going when you hear this song is the wonderful and well orchestrated manner the beats were delivered and the swift attitude that Loco wears on while jumping on the track with so much gusto and commitment.

This song is one that keeps reverberating through your subconscious and deserves the attention of all those who love and appreciate art expressed via love tones as delivered by LOCO. I urge y’all to go download, share, listen, fart and enjoy this piece of afro sound that rocks

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