Loco de la Cruz Takes his Romantic mien Global in “Special One” feat Canadian MC – MLow Official

by Sep 9, 2018Afro RnB, International

Loco in Special one feat M low

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After the release of his hit single –Crush (that’s currently enjoying massive airplay); ace singer and vocalist- Loco de la Cruz, finally struts his stuff on the global stage as he rises to the top of the musical food chain.

This time he decides to take things top notch with the release of the vocals for the much anticipated track with universal appeal and global outreach, and he calls this one –Special One; and features one of North America’s dopest lyricists and Canadian rapper –MLow Official :who hits the ground running with some racy and below the belt punch lines albeit sonorously in a track that blends the naija flava with some American toppings to give a sound that is so alluring and pleasing to the auditory perception of the listener.

Special One is one track not too many that sees the unification of both Nigeria (Loco de la Cruz) and Canada (MLow Official )- in an international duet that talks about love and affection. You could feel the intensity and empathy that the duo of Loco and MLow Official  exudes in this superb international collabo that’s worthy of the charts. 

I specifically loved the profoundness of the beat, beautiful and soothing tempo, dropped hot and spicy with well thought out poetic lyrics, colored with words that will serenade the ladies and whet their appetites for more.

MLow Official on the other hand showed some class as a rapper who understands the use of transitions and adlibs; even as he jumps on the track syncing almost perfectly with Loco, not breaking the awesome stream of vocals and lyrics littered with one of the finest beat, tough bars and sonorous rhymes that takes you through the symphonic labyrinth only imaginable when you flow with the tide that this track is packaged in.

The track was produced by Loco de la Cruz himself, then mixed and mastered by Soulo Sound who did a wonderful job combining the right INFUSION of vibes, perfect tone delivered with so much power and dexterity. Kudos goes to MLow Official , who regardless of the clime he comes from, blended rightly with the Afro contemporary sound, employing some out of this world lyrics to drive home his romantic message, hear him:

“…Addicted To your Body Like a New Drug, And Gurl I wanna Party With You Let me Take you Home To my crib and get naughty with You Uhh, And Next Time That You Feelin Alone Give Me A Call Gurl Up On the Phone…”

Special One is one song that sets the tone for more of this kinda firebrand collaborations between North America and Africa, once again we get to listen to some beautiful musical expression as both Loco and his international counterpart MLow Official  redefines sound, and births a new genre, one that’ll dominate our subconscious for a very long time to come.

↓Download “Special one” by Loco feat MLow Official↓

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