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Hey there lovely people of Gbedustreet, just in case you are just joining us for the very first time on Gbedustreet, welcome to a beautiful family.

Okay, so today we are discussing something very important to every beating heart. Its a lot we are gonna be talking about so I’m breaking it into three different segments, which would hit you up everyday for the next three days.
First off, how was Valentine? We are just a few days away from the val experience.

Alright, as the thing be sha, we go see results by April, May and by October na to chop for the celebration

So if asked about what we think love is, some of us would say it’s a feeling, some would say it’s a beautiful thing. Many answers but still one matter.

To some, love has hurt more than they thought it could, to some love is the best feeling discovered. So you see love has two sides.

For me, Love is like a garden of roses, if its to be walked into, it should be done with care and peace.

This is because roses are beautiful from outside and scent nice when close but they can make you bleed if mishandled. This is exactly how love is in its true self.

There are some sides of our hearts which we rarely understand yet and it’s the part that brings us to uncertainties mostly.
So dealing with this feeling called Love, how does it really operate? How does it come?

Is it when we can’t sleep because the person is revolving in our minds?

Love is actually like an ocean, the deeper you go, the more you discover.

Love is perfect, if it heals, it heals perfectly till you become addicted to it, If it hurts it hurts perfectly bad till you get to hate love completely.

Let’s look at some certain ways love creeps in.


This is why lots of people just see an opposite sex and say they love them even though they don’t know this person completely. I used to say this isn’t love but lust but hey, love at first sight happens.

It’s a thing of the heart, can’t really be explained, its just supernatural in its drive. You might even try to fight it, run away and all, but your heart just can’t get over this person to the extent that you get into a relationship just to get over this feeling and when you mistakenly run into this person, you are just lost.

Just hello and your walls are crumbling down. It’s not infatuation, it’s a special way by which your heart and the other person’s heart agree, (this is usually the string that holds distant relationships). So nothing can possibly stop this feeling, you either flow with it or live to fight it till it wears off.


Now, this is like a more known method but still, its got it’s secret danger. From just saying hello to now talking about life experiences, likes and dislikes, careers, future plans, past experiences, and more, you would just discover that somehow you are now getting drawn to this person.

You might knock it off as a one-time thing but the more you keep talking bout these things, you get more concerned, you find out that if you don’t speak to this person for a long time, you won’t be comfortable. You would usually get worried about this person’s welfare and then after some time it grows to something deeper and you get angry that this person hasn’t called to check up on you for 2 days now but really, there’s nothing going on between you two.

Yes this is the secret danger of words, as simple as they are, words could build something so strong that you can’t explain how it came about.

This is another way love operates. If you understand these things closely, you would see that there’s allot you can do to make your relationship so strong that it’s almost like you entered into some kind of blood covenant.
Isn’t love just too beautiful? Love is an adventure.

This is where we would pause for today, join us tomorrow as we continue on some other strange writings of love that we most likely don’t understand.
Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful playlist of love songs, its the season of love❤

Chris Brown x Usher x Rick Ross – New Flame

Dremo x Davido – Kpa

Neyo – Trouble

2baba – Officially blind

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