Love and it’s strange writings (part 2)

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Hello and welcome back to the continuation of our love series. We got wonderful feedbacks from our readers and they are still coming in.


Today we would be discussing about two more strange love writings and then we would discuss about other matters tomorrow, if you are joining us for the first time, read our previous article below.



Love and it’s strange writings -Exclusive on Gbedustreet-


Okay so over to the matter today let’s talk about Acts of Kindness.



This is one other sleek channel of love. It’s not usually noticed until sometime has passed.  You re just doing  good to this person and somehow, this person becomes a matter of concern to you, little by little, you think this is care but then if not checked with boundaries you find yourself falling head over heels for this person.


A lot of times would seem like it’s just something you feel but then before you know, lots of things have started running through your head.


Being kind isn’t wrong but mustn’t be miss spelled, especially when dealing with the opposite side.


Now the advantage is that, when you are in a relationship, you make it become your habit. Being kind on every moment you get, it keeps each of you in your hearts frequently and this involves giving time and resources, gifts and helps.



With more outings, gistings, buying of gifts, sharing moments and all, you get to meet new sides, new personalities, charming characters and somehow, you get drawn to this person.


Begin to find out that these simple things  mean a lot to you. This is why as couples, dates are very important. Never think you know this person too well, there are new developments almost every day.


Trust me you don’t want another person to discover this new side of your partner before you, *odi very dangerous*


Learn to always go out on dates, might not be necessarily expensive but then the moment is mostly found in the time spent together.


There are so much more strange writings we might not have the luxury of time to look through but then, just in case you were wondering what made you fall in love, look again.


So tomorrow we would be dealing on the after effects and love life experiences. We would love to hear from you about your love life, kindly comment in the comments section below, we would keep your name anonymous if you want it so.


Love has its bitter sides, it has its beautiful and sweet sides. Speaking to someone dear today, I said sometimes love is like a fire but even fire can be beautiful.

Have a wonderful love experience and we look forward to having you on our next article.


Meanwhile enjoy these beautiful sounds from Style Plus.


Did you call my name










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