Major ways to make money (Business Mondays)

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We are living in a time where anything can happen. The street slang now is “2 seconds everything don burst” or you hear them say “hustle oh…….”.

it is human and natural to want to make money and get rich. Someone poor can become rich in the next minute by luck, miracle, or whatever and also, someone rich can get poor just like that.

So then how can we earn? first is to ask yourself, what does earning mean and how can I earn for the future? yes, the future.

It is said that a poor man dies and leaves death for his children but a rich man dies and leaves establishments for his children.

the major problem with us when we want to earn is that we want to earn big now but are not patient enough to master the ways of earning money.

this is particularly common in this new generation. everything is fast, children grow fast and so we want it faster than reliable. It is true that many graduates in Nigeria barely get employed because all they have is theory and nothing practical.

If you want to become a rich writer in the future, you need to write many scrap works, start by volunteering for a column or magazine.

you want to be a great leader you must be a servant. The proper way to earn money is create something that is durable, needed, effective and then sustaining.

When you start up, it might not be ok now but in the end it would be worth it. Look at people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Adele, Tyler Perry and more.

their start point was humiliating. People barely believed in them but they kept on doing it.

Tyler Perry said when he started out the Madea series back then in the theater, He barely had up to 10 people as an audience for his major shows because it was a black movie and nobody really cares about the black talent.

Today the Madea SERIES is actually one of the most viewed black American movie. Alot of them came small, something smaller than small but persistence kept them focused.

so you want to earn? don’t wait for that big cheque, start with the little you can put together. these days you can have an online shop.

Some people use phones worth over 50 thousand naira and yet their phones Haven’t earned them 10 thousand naira. There are so many legit business to do with your phone. at least for a start up before you get a PC.

That business plan you have in mind that has an estimate of #500,000 can start with something over a hundred thousand naira. it doesn’t matter how small it starts, what matters is where your eyes are fixed.

you want to earn? earn well. it might be small now but a small income from your own business is better than a huge income from your salary.

You can be laid off anytime, you might have issues but your own na your own. You might be working somewhere learning and preparing for what you will start up, that’s ok.

See the Nike brand? Do it! I say do it now! yes it is going to mean you sacrificing that car or big comfy home but in the end you will have your own establishment instead of a payoff that can’t keep you when you retire.

An adage says “don’t eat your tomorrow now” be focused on the future and everything would become possible.

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